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How to Get Rid of Stress in Your Life

Any kind of tension that causes of mental and physical imbalances. Present-day activities are everybody become tired. Due to pressure a child becomes irritable. If the pressure is reduced, it is not hazardous to human health but also encourages the person to do something.Make routine following the 6 tips in your life and defeat the stress.

For the avoidance of stress, you must be patient, keep in control of own tension. Breathe Stretch 5 minutes focus on the process and please feel this process completely, you will immediately feel reduce the pressure.

Think Positively

Conditions are so negative but do not trouble yourself. Always you think that you are happy and problems will be solved etc. If you are addicted to stress the positive approach will not hurt you.

Make Friends Confidentiality

If someone is bothering you constantly, then you have to take your husband or friend in confidence. You will feel better. If you do not want to make a confidante then closed room and remove all the anger and stress on a pillow, etc.

Give Yourself Time

Pay attention and take rest on yourself. Very easy tips for take rest on self. Quiet place to lie down and spent some time as the mind completely blank. After this procedure if you want to watch TV then Ok otherwise reading book can also be useful. Even if you choose to put your favorite hobby is cooking, gardening etc.

Choose a Balanced Diet

Remember your food is the most important weapon in the fight against stress, so it is important to be balanced and powerful. Fruits, vegetables and soups, etc make a permanent part of the diet. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs etc.

Do Not Expect Too Much

View the life from the lens of realism, not to put any unnecessary hope, realistic people suffer fewer afflictions in life. Make the decision that you want out of life and then be engaged in sufficient number to achieve its objectives. Do not try to be something it is not possible, because failure will increase the pressure on the straight and pressure in any case not useful for you. Here you can find how to get rid of stress in your life, how to avoid tension, how to avoid stress, tension se bachne ka tarika, zehni dabao.

you can find in this page tension se kaise bache, depression se mukti, tension se chutkara, depression se kaise bache, tension kam karne ke tarike, tension kam karne ke upay, mansik shanti ke upay in hindi.

Tension se Bachne ka Tarika

Dabao kisi bhi qisam ka ho zehni aur jismani adam tawazan ka bais bnta hai. Mojooda dor ki msroofyaat ne har shakhs ko thaka dia hai. Aik bacha bhi dabao ke bais chir chira ho jata hai. Agar dabao ki mqdar kum hai to yeh insani sehat ke liye muzir nahi hota balkeh insan ko kuch na kuch karne ki targheeb deta hai. Lekin had se ziadah dabao insani sehat ke liye khtray ki alamat hai. dabao ko shikast dena buhat aasan hai bs mandardah zel 6 baton par amal ko maamool bana lein aur phir dekhyeh dabao kaise dum daba kar bhgta hai.

Dabao se nijat ke liye zaroori hai keh aap relax rahein sath hi apni sanson ko bhi control mein rakhien. Sans andar kheinchein to 5 minute tak is amal par apni tawajjah markooz rakhye aur is amal ko mukammal tor par mehsoos kijye aap fori tor par dabao mein kami mehsoos karein gay.

Think Positively

Halat ketna hi manfi rukh ikhteyar kiun na kar lein inhein khood par hawi na aane dein balkeh har waqt yeh sochein keh aap khush hain masail hal ho jayein gay waghirah agar aap msbat andaz fikar apnane ki aadi hain to dabao aapka kuch nahi bigar skay ga.

Make Confidentiality Friends

Agar koi shakhs aap ko msalsal pareshan kar raha hai to is bare mein apne shohar ya dost ko zaroor aitmaad mein lijye. Aap khood ko halka phulka mehsoos karein gi. Agar aap kisi ko humraaz nahi banana chahein to phir room band kar ke kisi takyah(pillow) waghirah par zor aazmayi karein, sara ghussah aur dabao nikal jaye ga.

Give Yourself Time

Apni shakhsiyat par tawajja dena zaroori hai sath hi khood ko aaram bhi punchaye aaram punchane ka amal intehayi sada hai kisi bhi pur sakoon jagah par leit kar kuch waqt guzarye is doran zehan ko mukammal tor khali chor dein. Is amal ke baad agar TV dekhna chahein to TV dekhein warnah koi achi si kitab bhi mufeed sabit ho skti hai. Agar psand karein to apna pasandidah mashghalah bhi apna skti hain mslan cooking, baghbani waghira.

Choose a Balanced Diet

Yaad rakhye aap ki ghiza dabao say larne ka ahum tareen hathyar hai lehaza iska mtwazan hona aur tqatwar hona buhat zaroori hai. Phal , tarkari aur soup waghira ko ghiza ka mustaqil hissah bana lein. Agar paan mein tobaco khati hain ya cigarette piti hain to foran tark kar dein.

Do Not Expect Too Much

Zindagi ko haqeeqat psandi ki ainak laga kar dekhein, kabhi kisi se ghair zaroori umeed na bandhein, haqeeqat psand log zindagi mein kam hi dukh uthate hain. Sath hi is baat ka bhi taaiyun kar lein keh aap zindagi se kia chahti hain aur phir apne mqsad ke hasool mein msroof ho jayein. Jo baat na mumkin ho is ki koshish na karein kiun keh nakami ki surat mein aap par dabao barh jaye ga aur yeh dabao kisi bhi surat aapke liye mufeed nahi.

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