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How to Care of Hair

Beauty Tips in Urdu

Everybody male and female both wants to long, shining, strong hair and want to look beauty full hair. For this purpose they use good quality shampoo, dye, and perm and do different types of treatment with their hair. But how to care of hair it is most important thing to know for everyone. Vitamins A should be to keep hair healthy. Pine apple, pear, black grapes, spinach, rice and pulse are experts have declared the best for hair.

The healthy condition of the hair depends on the intake of sufficient amounts of essential nutrients in the daily diet. People with hair fall problem should take a well balanced diet, which supply all the essential nutrients. It has been found that a diet that contains liberal quantities of seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables the essential nutrients. Each food group should roughly form the bulk of one of the three principle meals. Proper hair wash, and rubbing of the scalp with a towel after a hair wash, are necessary. Mustard oil, boiled with henna leaves, is use full for healthy growth of hair. Boil 250 of mustard oil. While the oil is being boiled, gradually add sixty grams of henna leaves in it and leave them until they get burnt. Then, filter the oil using a cloth and store it. Regular massage of hair with the oil will produce good result. Here is balon k totkay, balon ka girna, hair tips, hair care tips in urdu, hair fall solution. More detail about hair care read in Urdu.

Balon ki Hifazat:

Khoobsurat baal har mard-o-zan ki kamzori hain baal barhanay inhain Ghana karnay inhain chamakdar, khoobsurat banana aur sehat mand banana kay liye kia kia jatan kia jata hai. achi company kay shampoo, hair dye, hair perm aur na janay kia kia.

Balon kay sehat mand rakhnay kay liye aik normal moqdar mein vitamin A leni chahiye elawah azeen silica jo keh aalo kay chilkay aur cucumber mein paya jata hai, iodine aur zinc, shall fish akhrot aur seeds vitamin B aur magnesium bhi baalon kay liye zaruri hain. Expert nay balon kay liye pine apple, pear, black grapes, spinach, rice, pulse aur dalye ko bhi baalon kay khulyon ki afzaish kay liye behtareen qarar dia hai.

jism kay doosray aaza ki tarah baalon ko bhi oxygen ki zarurat hoti hai. Agar che doran warzish hamaray sar ki nisbat jism kay dusray hisson mein doran khoon motwazan hota hai. Tahum zaruri hai keh sar kay andar bhi khoon ki gardish bar qarar rahay. Is kay liye mahereen sar kay masaj ko behtareen qarar detay hain. Khua yeh masajir say kia jaye ya finger kay poron say (tips of fingers).

Yoga bhi achi cheez hai. Doctor balon kay liye chemical kay istemaal ki sakht mamanut kartay hain. Aaj kal balon ki dye karnay aur perm karnay ka jo craze nojawanon mein zor pakar gia hai, is ka lazmi natijah balon ki sehat ki bar badi ki surat mein bar aamad hota hai. kiun keh is kay liye baalon par mukhtalif qisam kay chemical istemaal kiye jatay hain. Jo baon ki roots ko tabah-o-barbaad kar detay hain aur yeh noqsaan na qabil-e-talafi hota hai. chunanchah baalon kay liye achi khorak ko awaleen tarjeeh day aur is kay saht warzish ko apna shuar banayein. Yaqinan khush kun hoga.

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