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Face Beauty Tips

For Rough and Dry Skin

Put few drops rose water, lemon into fresh milk and mix very well. Apply on face at night time, face dryness will be away.

Grind orange peel and make powder 5 tola, besan 5 tola, turmeric 1 tola, jasmine oil. Mix all very well and make paste and apply on face at night time. Skin will be glowing and become soft.

To Remove Racial Wrinkles

Rub on face fresh lemon juice three times a day. Wash after ½ hour.

Rose water 5 tla, almond oil 1 tola, alum grind 1 tola, egg white 4, mix all thing very well and cook in slow flam and make as Ointments. Apply on face and massage. It would be good result with In 15 days.

For Remove a Mole

Sour lassi which is very sour and thick, rub the face with it, after 10 minute wash the face.   Dry the very well, applies on face mixture of rose water and glasrin. After one hour wash your face. A sufficient number of days used will disappear from the face of the mole.

Take Care of Face

Beside these you should also take care of your face.
1- Clean your face and at sleep time apply any cleansing on your face and spray on face with sufficient amount of cold water.
2- Do not eat more spice or fry food.
3- Ovoid from Sweet, chocolate and cake.
4- Less use of tea and coffee.
5- Drink 10-12 glass of water in a day.
6- Use more vegetable and fruit.

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Face Care Beauty Tips in Urdu

Face ke Daag Dhabbe kay liye:

Mooli(radish) kay seed 5 tolah lay kar in ko achi tarah saaf kar kay pees kar powder bana lein aur shishi mein rakh lein. Raat ko 6 mashah lein thori si dahi mila kar yakjan kar lein aur dhobon par khoob mal lein. Chand dinon mein dhabbay khatam ho jayein gay.

Face ki Kharish kay liye:

Mooli (radish) ka pani nikal kar pin chaan kar kharish wali jagah par mal kar das minute baad dholein.

Gallon kay Siyah Daghon kay Liye:

Bhais kay dhoodh ki balayi 5 tolah lekar 6 qatray lemon kay nichor dein aur khoob achi tarah hal karein.

Gallon(face) ka Rung Saaf Karnay kay Liye:

Subha saweray(morning) pari huyi shamnam(dew) ko chehray par malnay say rung saaf ho jata hai. chehray par chamak paida hoti hai.

Gallon par Khushki Khurduray Pan kay Liye:

Taza dhoodh mein chand qatray arq gulab aur lemon kay qatray milanay say jo aamezah taiyar ho ta hai, raat ko chehray par malnay say khurdura pan door ho jata hai.

Sangtaray kay Chilkon ka Pisa Hua Powder 5 toalah, besan 5 tolah, haldi 1 tolah, chanbeli kay tail(oil) mein khoob phaint kar ubtan taiyar kar lein aur raat ko laga yein. Jald molaim aur chamak dar ho jaye gi.

Gallon ki Jhurriyan(Wrinkle) Door Karnay kay Liye :

Din mein teen bar taza lemon ka ras malein. Nisf ghantay ( ½ hour) kay baad dho dein.

Arq ghulab 5 tolah, badam roghan 1 tolah, phitkiri pisi huyi 1 tolah, andon ki sufaidi 4, sab ko mila kar khoob phait lein phir halki aag par itna pakayein, keh marhum sa ban jaye. Chehray par lagayein. Malish karein. 15 din mein faidah ho ga.

Chehre Pe Til Door Karna:

Khatti lassi jo khoob tarsh aur garhi ho is say chehray ko khoob mal mal kar ragarein das minute baad dho dein cheray achi tarah khushk ho jaye to arq gulab aur glasreen barabar wazan mehlool bana kar cheray par malein. Aik ghantay baad dho dein. Chand din aisa karnay say chehre pe til door ho jayein gay.

Chehray ki Deikh Bhal:

Yeh to phunsiyon(acne) aur mahason ka ilaaj hoa is kay baad bhi aap rozanah maamool kay motabiq deikh bhal karein.
1- Chehray saaf rakhain sotay waqt koi acha sa cleansing laga kar chehray par kafi moqdar mein thanday pani say chitay marein aur sookhnay dein.
2-Buhat masalha dar aur tala hua khana mat khayein.
- Sweet, chocolet aur cake say parhaiz karein.
4- Chaye(tea) aur coffe ka istemaal kam karein.
5- Din bahr mein kam az kam 10 say 12 glass pani piyein.
6- Vegetable aur fruit ka istemaal ziadah karein.

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