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Tips For Fairness

Every woman wants to that their color will be fair and looks beauty full. But how to be possible here are some benefits tips for fairness. .

1-Take a leaf of mint boiled, cooled water and drink on an empty stomach.

2-Two carrots, one beetroot and half lemon juice and drink every other day.

3-Applying lemon juice on the face colour is clear.

4-Put turmeric in besan and mix mustard oil, to use it on face daily, face become clean.

5- Grind almonds and mixed in milk skin colour be fair.

6-If lemon juice and salt mixed in the bath water and take bath that water, skin will be fair.

7-Squeezed juice from lemon, peel intrude on your face will be clean.

8-Barley flour and wheat flour mix with milk make paste and apply on your face, after a few days you feel better result.

9-Wash your face with fresh light hot milk skin will be clear.

10- Grind the bitter almond, add walnut oil and massage the body skin will be clean.

11-Boil water in a pot and steam, it will open your pores and skin will be clean.

12-Cucumber 1, vinegar 2 tsp, full cream milk 2 tsp, corn flour 2 tsp, potato small size 2 boil, almond 5 (wet in water all the night).

Mix all things and make paste. Apply on face and keep for half hour, when it becomes dry rub it with lightly and wash your face with light hot water. Do these 3 days in a weak your face will be fair and sufficient number of spots will fade scars.

13- Take Saffron, lemon juice and olive oil. All these things combine to form a paste and every night before going to bed massage your face lightly. Day after day will make a difference on your face and the face will be white.

You Can find in this page beauty tips for skin in Urdu, beauty tips for fairness, how to keep your face beautiful and jild ki hifazat read in Urdu.

Rang Gora Karne ka Tarika

Har aurat ki khuwahish hoti hai keh is ka rung gora ho waise to har qisam ki rungat par make up ho jata hai aur agar dhang se kia jaya to kali jild bilkul saaf-o-shaffaf nazar aati hai. Aaj aap ko rung gora karne ke chand tareeqe batate hain jin se aap zarur faidah uthayain.

1-Milk mein badam pees kar malne se jild(skin) ki rungut saaf ho jati hai.

2-Pani mein lemon ka aurq aur namak mila kar ghusal (bath) karne se jild ka rung nikhar jata hai.  

3-Kaghzi lemon ke tukre jin mein rus nichor lia gia ho chehre(face) par malein zarur faidah hoga.

4-Milk mein jo aur gehon ka aata mila kar ubtan banaiye aur phir ise apne chehre par malye chand dinon mein hi farq mehsus ho ga.

5-Tazah garam doodh se munh done se bhi rungat saaf ho jata hai.

6-Thori si balayi mein chand qatre lemon ke daal kar chehre par malein jild hi asrat zahir ho.

7-Akhrot ke tail mein karwe badam pees kar badan par malne se jild saaf ho jati hai.

8-Do chamcha doodh mein aik chamcha pisa namak milayain aur ise sone ke waqt chere par malein. Subha thande pani se dho lein aap dekhein gi keh aap ke chehre par chamak aaye gi.

9-Glasreen mein lemon ka rus mila kar rakh lein. Har raat monh dho kar lemon mile glasreen ki monh par malish karein. Is se chehre nam ho ta hai rung nikharta hai chere ki rungut nikharne ke liye yeh aik behtareen lotion hai. chehre ki rungut nikharne ke liye jadu ka asar rakhta hian.

10-Chehre par lemon ke chilke ko pees kar arq-e-ghulab mein mila kar chehre par malne se chehre ki rung saaf hota hai. mahase chaiyan aur phunsiyan waghaira bhi chehre par hon to is ke malne se faida hota hai.

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