Fahmida Mirza Biography

Dr.Fahmida Mirza belongs to Sindh province. She is daughter of Qazi Abdul Majeed Abid and wife of Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza. She was born on 20th December, 1950 in Karachi. After obtaining basic education, she took MBBS degree from Liaquat Medical College Jamshoro (Sindh) in 1982. Later on, she entered politics and was elected as MNA from NA-222 in 1993, 1997, 2002 and 2008.

Dr. Fahmida Mirza is a seasoned politician and besides a parliamentarian she has been discharging duties and besides a parliamentarian she has been discharging duties as Secretary Information Pakistan People’s Party Sindh and member of standing committees for sports, culture, tourism and youth affairs. She is the first woman Speaker of the Muslim World and the 29th woman to work as Speaker in the World. Other countries where women speakers have discharged their duties include Denmark, Hungary, Uruguay, Germany, Canada, Argentina, Iceland, Switzerland, Bolivia, Italy, Australia, Nicaragua, Finland, Guatemala, UK Sweden, Crotia, Japan, Norway, South Africa, peru, Malta, Poland, Holland, Czech Republic, Spain, Greece, Belgium, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Gambia, Israel, Nigeria and USA.

Dr.Fahmida Mirza belongs to a family of political leadrs. Her husband Dr, Zulfiqar Mirza was elected MNA (Sindh) in 2008 and her brother Qazi Asad Abid was elected member of NA in 1993 He is the head of Ibrat Group of Publications.

fahmida mirza

First Woman Speaker of National Assembly in Pakistan:

Fahmida Mirza, is the current and 18th Speaker of the National Assembly, a lower house of Parliament of State of Pakistan. The constitutional history of Pakistan entered a new bright phase on 19th March, 2008, when a woman MNA was elected Speaker of National Assembly. Dr. Fahmida Mirza earned this honour by defeating Sardar Israr Tareen, opposition candidate by 249 votes to 70 votes. The votes polled were more than two thirds of the 342 seat house required for a constructional amendment and more than total 228 of the PPP-led four party coalitions. The result suggested that 10 independent members from FATA and some members of the fromer ruling party also voted for the present coalition candidate.

Election of speaker was conducted by outgoing speaker chaudhry Ameer Hussain, who acted as the PML Speaker of the previous assembly. Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman missed the voting due to his late arrival in the assembly along with three other candidates. It was not clear whether this act was incident or deliberate.

Dr. Fahmida Mirza is a seasoned parliamentarian three times a member of National Assembly. Moreover, his husband Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza and father also were members of National Assembly. After the election various leaders of the treasury and opposition benches congratulated her and offered their cooperation in the discharge of duties. They included Chaudhry Parvaiz Elahi, Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao and Manzoor Watoo.