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Albania was ruled by Byzantines from 535 to 1204 A.D and then by Turks. The Ottoman rulers of Turkey conquered Albania in the 15 century. Most of the population accepted Islam after that, but the local culture was suppressed by the conquerors. Albania became independent of the Turks in 1912. It remained under Italian rule from 1939 to 1944. After Second World War it was ruled by Hoxia (1944 to 1982) by Ramiz Alia Bariska and Ilir Meta. The economy of Albania depends on agriculture mining and industry.

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What is the independence day of Albania?
November 28, 1912

Who wrote the national anthem of Albania?
Aleksander Stavre Drenova

Where is Albania located?
Albania located in the continent of Europe, on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea.

Which countries border Albania?
Albania is bound by the Greece is to the south, Montenegro and Serbia is to the north, Adriatic sea is to the west and Macedonia is to the east.

Which country is to the south of Albania?

Which is the capital and largest city of Albania?

What kind of government Albania has?
Parliamentary republic

Who is the current prime minister of Albania?
Edi Rama

Who is the current President of Albania?
Bujar Nishani (2011)

Which is the official language of Albania?

What kind of religion is in Albania?
The majority of Albanian Muslims are secular Sunni about 58.79% of population. 2nd largest religion is Christianity about 16.99% of population.

What is the total area of Albania?
28,748 km²

What is population of Albania?
2.774 million (2013)

What is the currency used in Albania?
Albanian lek

What type of climate does Albania have?
Albania has a Mediterranean climate. From November until March mountain towns are very cold, snow fall from at this time of year. In the lowlands hot and dry summers and cool and wet in winter.

Which is the highest mountain in Albania?
Korab is the highest mountain of Albania. Korab highest peak is forming between Albania and Macedonia. It reaches a height of 2,751 metres.

What is the longest river in Albania?
The Drin with a total length of 335 km (208 mi) is the longest river in Albania.

What is the main religion in Albania?
The main religion in Albania is Islam about 58.79%. The majority of Albanian Muslims are secular Sunni

Major ethnic groups in Albania
Albanian 82.6%, Greek 0.9%, other 1% and unspecified 15.5%

What is the national sport of Albania?

Albania national football team has been competing since......

Calling code of Albania

National tree in Albania
Olive (Olea europaea)

What is the national flower of Albania?

What is the National Animal of Albania?

Which is the largest port of Albania?
The Port of Durres is the largest port of Albania.

Who is the first secretary of Albania?
Enver Hoxha ruled Albania in 1945-1985

Who was Zog I of Albania?
Zog I, Albanian in full Ahmed Bey Zogu was the leader of Albania from 1922 to 1939. He was president of Albania from 1925 to 1928 and king from 1928 to 1939.

Who was the Albanian general known as Skanderberg?
George Kastrioti

Which country invaded Albania in 1939?

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