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List of Countries and What They are Known for

You can find in this page countries and their famous things, what each country is best at, what each country leads the world in list, list of countries and what they are known for, country and its famous for, famous products of different countries, countries famous for their food, countries and what they are called

Afghanistan is called the buffer state of Asia.

Algeria is called land of fertile fields.

Australia is called island continent.

Australia is called land of Golden Fleece.

Austria is called remnant of a mighty empire.

Bangladesh is called the land of golden fiber.

Belgium is called cockpit of Europe.

Belgium is called crossroads of Europe.

Canada is called land of lilied.

Colombia is called land of contrasts.

Cube is called pearl of Antilles

Denmark is called homeland of the Viking Empire.

Egypt is called gift of the Nile.

Yemen is called land of the queen of Sheba.

Finland is called land of thousand lakes.

Gibraltar is called key to the Mediterranean.

Gibraltar is called Pillars of Hercules

Guinea is called Whiteman’s grave.

Haiti is called island of Hispaniola.

Hwang Hoo is called the sorrow of china.

Indonesia is called land of Thousand Islands.

Iraq is called site of ancient civilization

Ireland is called Emerald Island.

Japan is called Great Britain of the pacific.

Japan is called the land of rising sun.

South Korea is called the land of morning calm.

Lebanon is called the land of milk and honey.

Lithuania is called the land of amber.

Malta is called George Cross Island.

Myanmar is called Land of Rice and Teak.

Nepal is called the Land of Mountains.

Bhutan is called land of Druk yul.

Netherlands is called the Flower Garden of Europe.

New Zealand is called the Britain of the South.

Scotland is called the land of cakes.

Norway is called land of the midnight sun.

Pakistan is called the land of pure people.

Somalia is called horn of Africa.

Swaziland is called Switzerland of Africa.

Switzerland is called the playground of Europe.

Thailand is called the land of white elephants.

Thailand is called the land of free people.

Thailand is called the land of smiles.

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