Etymology of the Days

Etymology of the Days

Monday It is the abbreviated form of moon day.
Tuesday Both Romans and anglo Saxons dedicated this day to the god of war.
Wednesday It is derived from Anglo Saxon chief god Woden.
Thursday It is derived from thore the god of thunder.
Friday It is derived from Friga the goddess of married love.
Saturday It is a shortened form of Saturn’s day.
Sunday Devoted for the worship of sun.

Etymology of the Months

January Named after god Janus.
February Named after Februalia.
March Derived from Mars (the god of war).
April Derived from the Latin word Aperire meaning buds.
May Named after Maria (goddess of growth of plans).
June Taken from Latin word Juvenis(Youth).
July Named after Julius Caesar.
August Named after Augustus (first Roman Emperor).
September Adopted from Latin word Septem (seven).
October Derived from Latin word Octo (eight).
November Adopted from Latin word Novem(Nine).
December Derived from Latin word Decem (Ten).

International Days

February 22 World Scout Day
March 8 International Women Day
March 22 World water Day
April 7 World Health Day
April 22 World Earth Day
May 1 International Labour Day
September 8 International Literacy Day
September 19 International peace Day
September 27 World Tourism Day
October 16 World Food Day.
November 20 World Children Day
December 1 World AIDS Day
December 5 International Volunteer Day
Selected International Holidays
January 27 Australia Day (Australia)
Feb 8-11 Carnival (Brazil)
March 10 Commonwealth Day (Canada, Britain)
April 8 Buddha’s birth day (Korea, Japan)
April 23 Children’s Day (Turkey)
May 17 Constitution Day (Norway)
June 9 Daragon Boat Festival (China)
July 1 Canada Day (Canada)
July 14 Bastille Day (France)
Sept 16 Independence Day Mexico
Sept 19 St. Gennaro (Italy)
Nov 5 Guy Fawkes Day (Great Britain)
Dec 26 Boxing Day (Australia, Canada, UK, NZ)
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