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In which ocean is Maldives located?
It is located south-west of Sri Lanka and India in the Indian Ocean.

What is the total area of Maldives?
298 km²

What is the climate of Maldives?
The Maldives has a year-round hot tropical climate.

Highest temperature recorded in Maldives?
The highest temperature recorded in the Maldives was 36.8°C

Lowest temperature recorded in Maldives?
17.28 degree

How many provinces in Maldives?
Seven provinces

What is the capital of Maldives?
Male is the capital

How many island in Maldives?
Maldive is chain of 1190 islands. ony 185 islands are use for habited and other of them aur used largely for tourism and agriculture

Population of Maldives?
345,023 (2013)

What is currency of Maldives?
Maldivian rufiyaa

What is the main food in Maldives?
Tuna fish

Which is l owest country in the world?
Maldives is the world's lowest country.

When did Maldives become independent?
July 26, 1965

Which is the currency of Maldives?
Maldivian rufiyaa

Which is the official language of Maldives?
Dhivehi, with English widely spoken in areas frequented by tourists.

Biggest city in Maldives?
Male, Kaafu Atoll, Population is 103,693

Which transport use in Maldives?
Boat, Taxi and Dhoni (This is the local boat used by locals for travelling).

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