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General Knowledge about Quran, Islam

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What do ou know about quran?

It is the holy book which was sent by Allah to prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

No of surahs in holy Quran ---114

No of paras in holy Quran ----30

No of ayats in holy Quran ----6666

First surah in holy Quran----Surah Fatiha

Last surah in holy quran ----Surah e Naas

Longest surah in holy quran---- Bakara

Shortest surah in holy quran-------Surah e Kausar

First revealed surah ------Surah Al Alay

The years to complete revelation ------23 years

Rukoos ---558

Number of makki surahs ---------87

Number of madni surahs-----27

Author of holy Quran ------ Allah Almighty

What do you know about the words mukatta at in the holy Quran?

That words whose meanings have not been explained by Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Alif lam meem.

How many stages are there in the holy Quran?

Seven stages.

In which night the holy Quran was first revealed?

In laila tul qadar.

In which city the revelation of the holy Quran started?


What is the subject of holy Quran?


Which Surah was the first to be revealed?

Surah al Alaq

Which Surah was the last to be revealed?

Surah al Nasr.

Into which language the holy Quran was first translated?

The holy Quran was first translated by Theodore bailey Andrew from basal. Switzerland into Latin in 1143 but it was published in 1543.

Who did the translation of the holy Quran first of all into Urdu?

Shah Rafi ud Din in 1776.

Name of prophets mentioned in the quran?

Hazrat Adam (AS)

Hazrat Ayyub (AS)

Hazrat Dawood (AS)

Hazrat Haroon (AS)

Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)

Hazrat Idrees (AS)

Hazrat Isa (AS)

Hazrat Ilyas (AS)

Hazrat Ishaq (AS)

Hazrat Ismail (AS)

Hazrat Nooh (AS)

Hazat Saleh (AS)

Hazrat Shuaib (AS)

Hazrat Sulman (AS)

Hazrat Yahya (AS)

Hazrat Yaqoob (AS)

Hazrat Yusuf (AS)

Hazrat Younus (Jones) (AS)

Hazrat Zakaria (AS)

Hazrat Zulkiff (AS)

Hazrat Loot (AS)

Hazrat Moosa (AS)

Hazrat Hood (AS)

Hazrat Uzaib (AS) and the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him).

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