Important Days of the World-Important Days of the Year

important day in the world

World Day - War Orphans ---------January 6
International Customs day--January 26
World Leprosy Eradication Day----------January 30
World Cancer Day-----February 4
Kashmir Day-----February 5
Valentine’s Day-----February 14
World Scout Day ------------February 22
World Kidney Day-----March 13
World Consumer Rights Day---------March 15
World TB Day-----------March 24
World Health Day-----------April 7
Commonwealth day----- may 24
Hiroshima day------- August 6
Human rights day (UN) -------December 10
International customs day--------- January 26
International literacy day-------- september8
International women’s day-------- march8
International Labor Day (Worlders day)------- may 1
Nagasaki Day--------- August 9
U.N day---------- October 24
World Environment Day ------June 5
World Food Day------- October 16
World Health Day------- April 7
World Literacy Day -------September 8
World Peace Day--------- August 6
World Red Cross Day-------- May 8
World Standards Day--------- October 14
World Tourism Day-------- September 27
World animal day--------- October 2
World Habitat day------ October 3
World Postal Day--------- October 9

National Days of Some Countries:

1st Sudan Independence Day
2nd Cuba Liberation Day
4th Burma Independence day
25th Uganda Revolution Day
26th Australia Day (Landing of the First Fleet) 26th India republic Day


6th New Zealand New Zealand Day
22nd Egypt National Day


3rd morocco national Day
6th Ghana National Day
11th Denmark King’s Birthday
12th Mauritius Independence Day
17th Ireland National Day
22nd Arab league foundation day
23rd Pakistan Day
25th Greece Independence Day


4th Hungary liberation day
4th Senegal Independence Day
21st Britain the Queen’s Day
27th Togo Independence Day
27th Sierra Leone Independence Day
29th Japan Emperor Birth Day
30th the Netherlands Queen’s Birth Day


2nd Israel Independence Day—date variable
17th Czechoslovakia National Day
17th Norway National Day
22nd Sri lanka National Day
22 nd Guyana National Day
23th FRG Constitution Day
25th Sudan National Day
25th Jordan National Day
27th Afghanistan Independence Day


2nd Italy Foundation of Republic Day
6th Sweden Flag Day
9th Britain Queen’s Official Birthday variable date
12th The Philippines Proclamation of Independence Day
24th Thailand National Day
26th Thailand National Day


1st Somalia Independence Day
1st Canada Confederation Day
3rd Algeria Independence Day
4th The Philippine Independence Day
4th U.S.A Independence Day
6th Malawi Independence Day
11th Mongolia People’s revolution Day
12th Belgium National Day
14th France Taking of Bastille
17th Afghanistan National Day
18th Spain National Day
22nd Poland National Day
23rd Egypt National Day
26th Liberia Independence Day
28th Peru National Day


1st Switzerland National Day
7th Ivory Coast Republic Day
9th Singapore National Day
14th Pakistan Independence Day
15th India Independence Day
15th Korea(S) Independence Day
17th Indonesia Independence Day
23rd Romania Liberation day
25th Uruguay national Day
31st Malaysia Independence Day
31st Trinidad Independence Day
31st Tobago Independence Day
31st Tobago Independence Day


1st Libya national day
2nd Vietnam Independence Day
3rd Qatar national day
6th Switzerland Independence Day
7th Brazil National day
8th North Korea Liberation day
9th Bulgaria Liberation Day
13th Ethiopia national day
16th Mexico Independence Day
16th Papua Guinea National Day new
18th Chile National Day
21st Malta Independence Day
22nd Mali Independence Day
23rd Saudi Arabia National day


1st china Foundation of peoples Republic of china
1st Sam Marino National Day
1st Nigeria Independence Day
3rd Korea (S) Liberation Day
7th E. Germany (GDR) Liberation day
9th Uganda Liberation Day
10th Taiwan National Day
12th Spain Hispanity Day
21st Somalia Revolution Day
24th U.N.O Foundation Day
24th Zambia National Day
25th Austria National Day
29th Turkey Republic Day


1st Algeria National Day
7th U.S.S.R Anniversary of the Great Socialist Revolution
11 Sweden King’s Birth day
11th Angola Independence Day
12th Saudi Arabia National Day
18 th Morocco Throne Day
22nd Lebanon Independence Day
24th Zaire National Day
25th Surinam National Day
26th Mongolia Independence Day
29th Yugoslavia Republic Day
30th Yemen (DPRY) National day


1st Cent-African Empire National Day
2nd S. Yemen National day
2nd Laos Liberation Day
5th Thailand King’s Day
6th Finland Independence day
11th Upper Volta Republic Day
11th Zanzibar Independence Day
12th Kenya Independence Day
16th Bangladesh Independence Day
18 Niger Republic days
24th Libya Independence Day
29th Nepal king’s Birth Day

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