Information about Islam in Urdu- History of Islam in Urdu

information about islam in urdu

Which Prophet discovered Hajra-e-Aswad?
Hazrat Ismail (AS).

Give the name of the Prophet who was expert at astronomy?
Hazrat Idress(AS)

Give the name of the prophet who was expert at astronomy?
Hazrat Idress (AS)

Name the first fruit tree to grow on earth?
Date palm.

Give the name of the Sahabi who had the title of Ameen ul Ummat
Hazrat Abu Ubaidah Bin Jirah (R.A).

Who was the first to propose ‘Azan’ the call for prayers for the first time?
Hazrat Umar (R.A).

Do you know when was the Namaz ordained to be compulsory?
During the night of ascension in the twelfth Nabvi year.

When was the the last revelation descended and who wrote it?
On 3rd Rabiul Awwal in 11 A.H. Hazrat Abi Bin Ka’b (R.A).

Give the Hijra year in which the present procedure of Ablution had been prescribed?
In 5 A.H (Surah Maidah).

Give the name of the prophet who was the first to migrate in the name of God?
Hazrat Lut (AS)

Give the name of the Prophet who become alive after remaining dead for one hundred years
Hazrat Uzair (AS).

Name the creature which populated the earth two thousand yearbefore the birth of Hazrat Adam (AS).
The Elfs (Jinnat).

In which country lies the mountain on the top of which the Nooh’s (AS) Ark had stopped?
In Turkey (Jodi Mountain).

What is the difference between Nabi and Rasul?
Every prophet is Nabi wheres the Rasul is the one who brings new Shariah and the Holy Book with him.

In which month the four renowned Divine books were reveled?
In the month of Ramazan-ul-Mubarak.

When the fasting was made compulsory?
In 2 A.H

Name the door through which the fasting persons shall enter Paradise?
Through Babul Reyan

Do you know in how many days allah had created the earth and the Heaven?
In six days (Surah Yunus, verse number three)

For how many times Zakat has been mentioned in the holy Quran?
22 times along with Namaz.

In which Hijra year usury was declared prohibited?
In 9 A.H, after the conquest of Makkah.

What is meant by Qasas?
Blood is the revenge for blood.

Who were the martyrs of the Battle of Badr?
There were six Muhajirs and eight Ansars.

What were the numbers of martyrs of Uhad?

When the Muslim women entered war for the first time?
In the Battle of Uhad.

What was the first Islamic non Arab war?
Battle of Mauta in 8th A.H.

What was the number of Muslims in the Battle of Ditch?

How many companions were along with the prophet (PBUH)?

The number of Mujahideen was 1420 and 20 women name the battle?
Battle of Khybar

Who was the number of Muslim army o the eve of Conquest of Makkah?

How many arm men were with the prophet (PBUH) in the Battle of Tabuk?

Which was the largest Muslim army?
Of Tabuk, 30,000

A place somewhere between at which the prophet (PBUH) debarred the companions from drinking water. Which was this land?
At Hajr which is also called Medina Sleh or Samood.

The prophet (PBUH) sent someone from Tabuk to Domana Al Jundal with 420 riders. Who was he?
Khalid Bin Waleed (RA)

What is a Saria?
That army which has to fight but without participation of the prophet (PBUH)

What is Ghazva?
The battle in which the holy prophet (PBUH) himself participated.

Who was the first commander of Islamic Army?
Hazrat Hamza (R.A)

When and where the Holy Prophet (PBUH) took part in malitary expedition?
Ghazva widawn in the 12the month of first Hijra.

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