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Islam means completes submission to the will of Allah to submit to the orders of Allah and act with his commands.

Mu’mins and Muslims

Those people who believe in Allah and obey him.


Which is not clear rather it is correct or not.


Makruh is that which is not haram but is not appreciated.


Anyone who does not believe in Allah, Islam, tauhid. Prophets, holy revealed books, angels and Day of Judgment


It is one of Islamic months specified for keeping fastes.


They are observed during the holy month of Ramzan.

Miraj Sharif

One night, our holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) by the order of Allah. Travelled from Makkah to Baitul Muqaddas and then from there to the seven heavens and beyond where Allah wanted him. The holy prophet (P.BU.H) visited the Paradise and Hell and then returned to Makkah the same night. This is known as Miraj Sharif.


Anything which is legally forbidden and absolutely proved to be so by dalil e qatri (undeniable argument). One who does it is Fasiq and deserves punishment.

Makruh Tahrimi

It is near about haraam. It is forbidden and proved to be so by dalil e Zanni, but who does not accept it is not Kafir but is very sinful.

Makruh, Tanzihi

It is near Hilal. The act of which brings God’s blessings if avoided. If done, it is bad but not punishable.


It is an act of doing of which brings neither any blessings nor punishmen.


It is the recitation of the holy Quran.


It means belief in Allah and all his qualities, angles, heavenly body and prophets by heart and to believe as true all that the holy prophet (Peace be upon him) brought from Allah and to proclaim this belief.


It is the act of not believing in any one of the important articles of Iman


It is the act of making somebody share in Allah’s qualities or in his person.


Staying in a mosque or at home in a separate room for devotion and prayers is called A’itikaf in the last ten days of the month of Ramzan


It is that part of the wealth which is given away to the poor according to Allah’s order. It is worked out at the rate of 2 ½ % on 7 ½ tola gold or 52 ½ tola silver which remains with one for full one year.

Sadaq e Fitr

It is that amount which is paid after the expiry of ramzan on Eid day as a mark of gratitude. It is worked out equivalent to the marked value of two kilos of wheat on that day, and must be paid before Eid Prayers.

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