Islands- Largest Island of the World


Islands are pieces of land entirely surrounded by sea. They comprise a large mass of land, the biggest 16 of them accounting for as much as 22 million square miles: greater than the area of the continent of Europe. There are thousands of small islands.

Type of Islands

Islands are of three types:

Continental Islands

Continental islands are those that rise from the continental shelf e.g, Sri Lanka, British Isles, Newfoundland etc. these islands have the same geological structure as the continents to which they are related.

Oceanic Islands

Oceanic islands are those which are far removed from the mainland and rise from the bosom of the oceans.

Coral Islands

Coral islands are formed by small sea organisms called coral polyp. They congregate in large colonies.


Largest Islands Of The World
Area in sq.miles
Greenland North Atlantic Ocean 840000
New Guinea South West Pacific 317000
Borneo S.W Pacific 287400
Malagasy Republic Indian Ocean 227800
Baffin Island Arctic Ocean 183810
Sumatra Indian Ocean 182860
Great Britain N. Atlantic 88619
Honshu N.W. Pacific 87293
Ellesmere Arctic Ocean 76600
Victoria Island Arctic Ocean 74400
Celebes Indian Ocean 72987
New Zealand (South) S.W Pacific 58093
Java Indian Ocean 48763
New Zealand (North) S.W Pacific 44281
Newfoundland N.Atlantic 42734
Cuba Caribbean Sea 41634
Iceland N. Atlantic 39698
Ireland (unci N. Ireland) N. Atlantic 31839
Dominican Rep & Haiti Caribbean Sea 29530
Sakhalin N.W Pacific 28597
Tasmania S.W Pacific 26215
Sri Lanka Indian Ocean 25332
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