Pakistan Studies Quiz Questions

The post of C in C was changed to the Chief of Staff in


The air force Day is observed on

7th September

The first bio-gas plant was installed in


It is the first bank of Pakistan

Habib Bank

The first SOS village in Lahore, Pakistan, was built in


Pakistan’s first expedition landed on Antarctica on January 15, 1991

The first Pakistan women hockey match in Pakistan was Played in


The post of chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff was created in


Pakistan held the post of UN general Assembly’s


Defense day is observed on

7 September

The number of houses built under Apni Basti Scheme was 2000

Which of the day of solidarity with the Kashmir?

5th February

It is the first private airline of Pakistan

Aero Asia

It is the largest hospital in Pakistan and was established in 1953

Nishtar hospital

Pakistan’s worst railway accident took place in the year 1990 in Sindh.

He got built Bara Dari in front of Badshahi Mosque

Raja Ranjeet Sinhh.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan opposed the introduction of competitive exams in India because

The Muslims were not equipped with modern knowledge

It was one of Muslim League’s basic objects

To promote among the Muslims of India feeling of: Loyalty to the British Court.

The Nehru report was published in


K-2 is located in the Karakaram Ranges

It is the largest Railway Tunnel of Pakistan


Chaghi is located in the division of


Mach jail is located in..........


Rani Fort is located in


Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute is located in


Emorold is found in


The smallest dam of Pakistan is


What is the total cropped area of Pakistan?

53 million acres

Which is the largest museum in Pakistan?

Lahore Museum

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