General Knowledge in Urdu-Tribes of The World List- Famous Tribes of The World List

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Abors People of Mongolian blood inhabiting between Assam and NEFA.
Afghani the native people of Afghanistan
Afridis Tribes residing in N.W.F.P.
Afrikandar A term applied for Dutch born in South Africa.
Arabs People of semitic race inhabiting Arabia and the surrounding countries, except Jews in Palestine (Israel).
Anglo Saxons Originally referred to the Anglo and Saxon people who invaded Britain after the Romans had withdrawn in 1410 A.D. the term in now used for the people of England, people of Canada and those of British origin in Australia and elsewhere.
Bantus Negroes living in the Equatorial and South African regions.
Bantus Negroes living in the equatorial and South African regions.
Bedouins Nomadic and wandering tribes in Arabia and North America.
Berbers A tribe which is a mixture of European, Arabian, Negroid strains inhabiting north west Africa.
Bhils the Primitive Dravidians living in Central India and Rajasthan
Black Jews They is found in Cochin and west coast of India.
Boers he Dutch settlers of South Africa.
Celts a term used for people (not English) inhabiting Scotland, Ire land and Wales.
Chinese Native inhabitants of China.
Copts They represents the primitive race of Egypt, now Christians and was separated from the Church in the 5th century.
Cossacks People inhabiting the southern and eastern Frontiers of Russia-their important section lives in Don and Dnieper.
Croations people of Croatia Slovania, Yugoslavia, now all are included in Yugoslavia.
Czechs A northern group of Slavic people inhabiting Bohema, Morvia, and Austrian in Yugoslavia.
Dravidians Very ancient people living in South India and Ceylon. Their principle languages are Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kanarese.
Eskimos Inhabitants of Greenland and of Arctic regions.
Filipinas Natives of the Philippines Islands who have embraced Christianity.
Flemings A term used for people of Belgium.
Gurkhas A Martial Race of mixed Aryan and Mongol Blood inhabiting in Nepal and northern Hill districts of India.
Hottentots Negroes of South Africa
Hamites Inhabitants of North West Africa having dark skin.
Isakhel Warrior tribe of N.W.F.P.
Jats A hard working race widely spread in Punjab and other North Western Regions of India.
Kafirs A fighting and intelligent race in South Africa originally connected with a Bantu tribe.
Khasis A hill tribe of Assam, inhabiting the Khasi Hills having mixed Indo-Mongolian origin.
Khurds A people of mixed origin living in Kurdistan. This is now divided among Turkey, Persia and Iraq.
Magyars Inhabitants of Hungary believed to be of Tartar descent.
Moors People living in North of Africa.
Morocco Having Islam as their religion.
Moplas Muslim people living in Malabar and Madras state.
Mohammads An Islamic tribe inhabiting Pakistan.
Nagas A primitive tribe living in Assam Hills, India.
Negroes Mostly found in Africa but in other places too like USA. They have dark skin flat nose and thick projecting lips.
Nordic Race one of the three branches of Caucasian race spread all over Northern
Europe The purest stock of this race is found in Scandinavia.
Poles A branch of Slav race living in Poland.
Red Indian Original inhabitants of North America, who were so named by Columbus. They are copper coloured having dark and straight hair.
Rajputs the warrior Hindu caste inhabiting mostly in Rajasthan and other parts of North West India.
Santhals an aboriginal tribe of West Bengal, Bihar and Orissa.
Semites A Caucasian, people of ancient times, now the term is applied to Arabs, Jews and Ethiopians.
A Buddhist tribe on the border of Tibet and Nepal. They have rendered great help in mountaineering expeditions.
Shia Mohammedan sect chiefly represented by the Persians who believe in mocerate Principles and value relitious tolerance.

An enterprising community inhabiting North West India.
Sikhs Members of monotheistic organization mainly comprising teachings from Hindus and Mohameden religious founded in India by Gurur Nanak in 15the century. They are chiefly found in Punjab and neighboring states.
Slavs A term applied to Aryans inhabiting Easterm and Central Europe. It includes Russians, Ploes, Slovaks, Yugoslavs etc.
Todas Natives of Nilgirl Hills (South India)
Tartars Mixed races of Asia living in Siberia, Turkistan, Steppes of Russia.
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