Fruits Benefit For Health

Fruits are a treasure of nature nutritious fruit which is also well healed. Allah Almighty has created different kinds of fruit. These fruits are separate features. Not only features, but also the color, sweetness, flavor and are also nutritious. There for doctor advice that use of fruits three of four times daily”. It is famous example “eats one apple daily and keep the doctor away”. For good health it is necessary to eat fruits in daily routine in your food. But over and above the use of fruits sometimes can cause damage to health. So rice, wheat, meat, pulses, vegetable and milk are necessary in balance diet but fruits uses are also necessary. Allah almighty gives different sweetness and flavor in different fruits. It is also benefit in different diseases. Through the use of fruit is not only the disease but it is also very helpful. We’ll tell them about the efficacy of various fruits.

Fruits Benefit For Health

Apple Benefit

Apple filled with nutritious fruit. This fruit is particularly impressive because of its sweetness is popular. Apple juice is very useful for heart and brain. Phytonutrients in apple is very beneficial to human health. Apple keeps blood sugar levels balanced. But Apple's complaints overdose may diarrhea and constipation. Apple has very benefits in very disease. Prevention of heart disease or relieve constipation, increase the capacity of lungs, joints brings softness. Apple crates cancer is less likely it is proved that study. It does not create stones in the gallbladder which is less risk of bladder cancer. It is also study proved that that food which is consisting of apple can control blood cholesterol.

Pineapple Benefit

Pineapple fruits are tropical areas fruits. Its effectiveness is hot. Its sweetness and flavor difference from other fruits.Pineapple is excellent for bone strengthening. It is so cold field advantage, keeps the digestive system, and is also beneficial in pain in the joints. It is also useful in to keep Lowers high blood pressure; bronchitis (sore throat and irritation).

Melon Benefit

Due to the presence of vitamin A in melon it never spoils the eyesight. Control the blood pressure, help to keep lower cholesterol level, reduces the likelihood of cancer. It is very benefit for lungs health, also better for diseases of the kidney. Can reduce stress, heart disease is also considered quite useful.

Strawberry Benefit

Strawberry is antioxidant. Get it from food; protection from cancer, heart disease is preventable, increase in memory, Comfort in stress. There are more benefits to eating it, our eyes, brain performance, high blood pressure, in many types of cancer and arthritis considered very useful.

Banana Benefit

Banana is such fruits which is available all the year. Because of very soft and sweetness it is favorite of children and elders. It has lots of benefits and nutrias. Potassium in bananas, and in minerals, calcium, iron, phosphorus magnesium and make the most of the nutritious. Banana is the major features that include fiber helps to eliminate constipation. Beside this it is weight reduce fruits. It has very low calories. But eating too many bananas, headache and bleeding in the brain may increase the duration. The use of banana one or two at a time is useful. . Banana eating eliminates insomnia complaints. Where the use of banana eliminates constipation insomnia to mind right away is very useful fruit.

Mango Benefit

Mango is summer fruits. Mango is called “king of fruits “because of it is best for its sweetness, flavor and nutrias among other fruits. There is lot of vitamin E in mango. It is very benefit for Stomach pain, constipation and solves acidity problem. Beside this help the man and woman hormones keep the right. Acne and get rid of grain. Skin is clean. It is the fruit of hot effectiveness pregnant women to avoid eating too much.

Pomegranate Benefit

Due to its sweetness and sour of pomegranate the fruit is very like. Some people use pomegranate juice. It is helpful to reduce in many types of headache. Beside of this pomegranate sweetness it is beneficial for heart and skin diseases. It plays an important role in heart diseases, high blood pressure is low.

Grapes Benefit

Grape is such fruit in which large amounts of magnesium present in it. It eliminates blood clots in body and flow the blood. Keep eye sight good. At night there are people who see problems in the use of grapes, if they even have the strength to look better at night. Oil of grape seed soft the dead skin. Those women who feed the baby they must eat grapes. But that person does not eat grapes who are hemophilia patients because grape thins the blood.

Fruits Benefit For Health in Urdu

Aam Kay Faidy

Aam buhat hi lazeez aur mufeed phal hai. Is ka mizaj garam hota hai. Yeh tqreeban tamam ghizayi ajza ka marakkab hota hai. Yeh jism ko taqat aur tawanayi bakhshta hai. Jism ko farbah karta hai, qabz ko door karta hai. Jadeed tehqeeq ke mutabiq aam mein mojood vitamin A aur anti oxidant jild ko dagh dhabbon se bachate hain aur beta carotene tez hoti hai. Mahereen sehat ke mutabiq is ka rozana istemaal jild ko saaf chamak dar banane ke sath jhurriyon se bhi mehfooz rakhta hai.

Amrood ke Faide

Amrood bhi bara mazedar, mufeed aur khush zaiqah phal hai, is mein Vitamin A aur C paye jate hain. In kay elawah shakkar, reshah aur lahmi ajza paaye jate hain. Nazlah, khansi, quwat e hazmah, pait kay kiron, munh kay chalon aur cholestrole km karne ke liye intehayi mufeed phal hai. Aurtein jin ko haiz ki be qaidgi ki shkayat ho in ko chahiye keh woh amrood ka istemaal karein. Bawaseer khooni mein bhi yeh akseer ka darjah rakhta hai. Bawaseer mein qabz ko door karna buhat zaroori hota hai aur amrood qabz door karne ki salahiyat buhat payi jati hai.

Kele ke Faide

Kela aik mashoor phal hai yeh aik umdah o lazeez ghiza bhi hai. is se mandarjah zel bimaryon ka ilaj kia jata hai. badan ki khushki ko door karne mein kela sifat ka hamil hai. tehqeeq mein bataya gia keh kela khane se insani jism mein protien ki zarooryaat na sirf poori hoti hai balkeh yeh jism ki faltoo charbi ghulane mein bhi madad gar sabit hota hai.

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