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Benefit of Strawberry

Fruits and vegetables is very useful for health. Strawberry Latin name is "Fragaria anaassa". Strawberries are cultivated in temperate temperature countries around the world. Beside this the strawberry is top of the list antioxidant receiving source. Because of this strawberry is used in many thing such as ice-cream, jam, jelly, squash, syrup, sweets, chocolate etc, even strawberry's colour and delicious are include in medicine.

Use strawberry safe human diseases. Strawberry is a delicious fruit. Strawberries in a bowl contain 85 grams of vitamins and only 45 calories. Vitamin C in strawberries saves from losses of cholesterol. Strawberry helps in overcoming fatigue.

Strawberry is benefit in some chronic diseases including cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and bone disease may include.

Silicone in strawberry is very useful for the fibers of the body, heart, and blood vessel.

Boron is included in strawberry which is increased hormone level in woman.

Piece of strawberry is abrasives on teeth and gum for a few minutes tooth pluck is broken.

Strawberries users hunger is growing. Get rid of dry cough.

Strawberry used to get rid of urinary irritation.

20 ingredients are present in strawberry which is fight against in old age. Zink, silicone, chromium and manganese are including.

Have sufficient number of black dots on the face, for remove prepare a drink.

Soya milk 1 cup, strawberry 2 , cherries 3, honey or brown sugar--1 tsp, Cinnamon pinch, peppermint oil - few drops. All ingredients mix with blander and drink a glass daily. This drink is effective for clean the spots of your face and provide energy for your health.

Pick up steam opens your skin pores and clean dust. Heat the water in a pot. The strawberries, lavender oil, rose petal drop in the water. Cover head and face with towels and steam for 5-15 minutes. Then wash your face with cold water and let dry. Your skin will glow. We should fruits to be a part of food so we can live a healthy life.

Strawberry ke Faide

Phal aur sabziyan sehat ke liye buhat mufeed hain. In ka istemaal insan ko buhat si bimaryon se mehfooz rakhta hai. Strawberry aik khushk zaiqa phal hai. Strawberry ka latin naam "Fragaria anamassa" hai aur 200 qabal masih mein Rom mein
benefit of strawberry
ugayi gayi thi. Aaj kal strawberry dunya bhar ke mutaadil darjah harart rakhne wale khitton mein ba ksrat kaasht ki jati hai. Is ke elawah strawberry antioxidant hasil karne wale zariya mein sar fehrist hai. Yahi wajah hai keh strawberry bare paimane par khane pine ki ashya jaise keh ice cream, jaam jelly, squash syrup, mithaiyan, chocholate waghirah mein istemaal hota hai. Hatta keh aduyaat mein bhi strawberry ke khushnuma rung aur zaiqe ko shamil kia jata hai. Strawberry ka istemaal insan ko kayi bimaryon se mehfooz rakhne mein madad deta hai. Tibbi mahereen ka kehna hai keh sehatmand aur tndrusti ke liye strawberry ka istemaal behtareen hai yeh chehre ko shadab rakhne ke sath quwat mudafyat mein izafe ka bais hai. Yeh jismani sehat aur jild ke liye jadooyi khasoosyat se mala maal hai.

Is phal mein vitamin C wafir mqdar mein payi jati hai. Is mein folet aur maya tkseed ajza sartan se bachao ke liye kaam aate hain. Yahi wajah hai keh strawberry khane wale cancer jaise mohlik marz se bache rehte hain.

Is mein fiber, silicone, potassium, magnesium, Zink, iodine, folic acid, vitamin B2, B5, B6 aur manganese ki kafi mqdar payi jati hai.

Strawberry mein 20 mukhtalif ajza ant ageing salahiyat rakhte hain jis ki wajah se yeh jhurriyon aur burhape se bacha kar insani jism ko jawan rakhti hai.

jild par is ka istemaal rungat mein nikhar ke elawah acne, chaiyon ko door kar ke chehra khoobsurat banata hai.

Is ke khane se pyas kum lgti hai.

Yeh beshtar niswani amraaz mein bhi faidah mand hai. Is mein aik maadani juz boron paya jata hai jo khawateen ke jism mein zanana hormone ki satah barha deta hai.

Is mein mojood phytonutrients soojan yani warm ko rokne ki salahiyat rakhti hai.

Is ke khane se quwat mudafyat bahal rehti hai aur nazlah zukam samet beshtar aqsaam ki infection se insan mehfooz rehta hai.

Strawberry mein mojood phytochemicals cholesterol level ko normal rakhte hain.

Potassium aur magnesium ki badolat high blood pressure mein faidah mand sabit hoti hai.

Strawberry joron ke dard ke marizon ke liye bhi faidah mand hai.

Aankhon ki infection aur degar amraaz chasham mein bhi intehayi mufeed hai.

Warning: This site provides general information about your health. for more information and treatments please contact your doctor.

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