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Black Pepper Benefits in Urdu

In Arabic it is called Falfal Asood, in Phrsi Falfal Siyah and in Urdu Kali Mirch. The color is black, taste sharp and temperament is hot. Black pepper include in those spice which are commonly used in kitchen. With black pepper curry gets a new taste and also fragrant. There are many benefits of black pepper. It is also quite warm with calm spices. Black pepper is used grind or to extract the oil. They are also black shale of the upper is down selling this kind of white pepper.


1-Black Pepper is used in the treatment of indigestion. It is also beneficial in stomach.
2-Black pepper oil is used for pain relief. This oil is also useful in colds and flu infection.
3-Where there is more fat in the body black pepper oil mixed with other oils to massage the fat is dissolved.
4-Homeopathic treatment is also used black pepper and also help to reduce fever is taken.
5-Black pepper removes mucus. If mucus in the chest then mixed black pepper with another oil to massage the chest is benefit.
6-In Ayurveda therapies balck pepper used with ghee to open closing nose, and used in Dermatitis.
7-Black Pepper produces movement in the body. You can read kali mirch ke fayde, kali mirch ke fawaid in urdu, kali mirch ke upay, black pepper benefits in urdu, black pepper benefits in hindi.

Kali Mirch ke Fayde, Fawaid

Ise arabic mein Falfal Asood, farsi mein Falfal Siyah, Falfal Gard, aur aur Urdu mein Kali Mirch kehte hain. Aik bel dar nabat ke gol jhari dar phool hain. Rung siyah(black) zaiqah tez, aur sondha, mizaj garm.

Black pepper in masalon mein shamil hai jo barr e saghir ke kitchen mein aam istemaal hote hain, in se salan ko aik neya tikha zaiqah bhi milta hai aur woh khushboo dar bhi hote hain. Kali mirch ki afadyat Chini, Romi aur Unani hukma bhi tsleem karte hain. Yeh masalha garam hone ke sath sakoon bakhsh bhi hota hai. Is ke poday par angooron ki tarah ke khoshe lagte hain jo pehle sabz aur phir zard se surkh ho jate hain aur jab in ko dhoop mein khush kia jata hai to yeh siyah rung ikhtiyar kar lete hain jinhein hum masalon mein istemaal karte hain. Kali mirch ko pees kar ya sabit aur in bijon se tel nikal kar bhi istemaal kia jata hai is qisam ke gol sufaid mirch bhi farokht hote hain jis mein oper ka siyah chilka utar dia jata hai.


Kali mirch jism mein tehreek paida karti hai

Balgham kharij karti hai

Is ke oil mein jism ko sun karne ki salahiyut hoti hai jis se dard waqti tor par mehsoos nahi hota

Kali mich mein miskan khasoosyat bhi hoti hai yani jism ko sakoon milta hai.

Dard door karne ki khoobi bhi hoti hai.

Istemaalat (uses of black pepper)

Bad hazmi ke ilaj mein siyah mirch istemaal ki jati hai. Pait phoolne mein bhi is se faidah hota hai. Salan mein ise shai karne se pait ki in kharabyon se bacha ja skta hai.

Kali mirch se jo oil nikala jata hai, ise pathon ke dard se nijat ke liye istemaal kia jata hai. Elava azeen yeh oil nazlah zukam mein bhi mufeed hai.

Jism mein jahan charbi ziadah ho wahan kali mirch ke tail ko degar telon mein mila kar malish karne se charbi tehleel ho jati hai

Homiopethic tarika ilaj mein bhi kali mirich ko istemaal kia jata hai aur is se bukhar bhi kam karne mein madad li jati hai.

Kali mirch se balgham kharij hota hai aur agar matli mehsoos ho rahi ho aur ulti na ho rahi ho to ise qai (vomate) aawar dard ke tor par bhi dia ja skta hai.

Balgham se sina jakra ho to is ke oil ko kisi doosre oil mein mila kar sine par mila jaye.

Ayurvedic  tariqa ilaj mein kali mirch ko ghee mein mila kar naak band hone, sinues ki sozish aur jild ki sozish ke ilaj mein istemaal kia jata hai.

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