Benefit of Mint, Mint Benefit For Health and Skin

Mint and Digestion

Food is digested with easy. Mint is beneficial for that patient who not feeling hungry stomach, nausea and in vomiting. It contains a pigment that affects the cholera bacterium. That's why those days when a cholera outbreak is recommended to use mint.

Mint Benefit For Itchy Skin

A major advantage of mint is very effective against allergy. Especially mint tea serve in seriously allergy which clears up burning and itching of the skin. 10 grams of fresh leaves of mint for a half cup of juice mixed with rose water is fed. Insect’s killer components are present in mint. Especially in the nose and ear worms are created fresh mint juice to put them they are killed.

Mint Benefit For Acne

Mint is protector of your beauty. For the Get rid of from face acne, extra Sesame, grind mint and mix with pure vinegar and apply on your face affected skin. For the uses few days’ acne can be removing. For fair skin, boil the water with mint then cold the water and take bath with it.

Treat Insect Bites

There is a variety poison treatment in mint. Grind mint and apply on the scorpions, cat, and rat bites, the poison will be ends.

Mint For The Period

The mint is useful in releasing menstruation. For women who have suffered from a lack of Menstruation. The use of mint tea or juice can get rid of this problem.

Mint For Jaundice

A unique feature of mint is it removed irregular blood from the body through the sweat. Specifically mint use in the case of jaundice.

Mint And Various Diseases

Mint can eliminate headaches. Daily use of mint is very beneficial for asthma patients.

Thoroughly wash the mint leaves sufficient number to separate. Keep it in shadow and dry then grind with hand. Whenever you eat your meal sprinkling on your curry, it is beneficial for burning of belly before or after meal, stomach problem and Indigestion. Mint is used in digestive disorders. Especially use in vomiting, dehydration, digestive, the bitter taste of mouth and jaundice, this medicine is very beneficial for this disease.

A teaspoon of fennel, mint, raisin 2pieces, plums 5 pieces mix these items with 1 1/2 cup of water and warm water can also be drunk in winter night. This tip is very beneficial for in case of Nausea, vomiting, constipation, high blood pressure. One thing is remember if you are suffering in cold and flu, Sore throat you will not act on this tips.

Warning: This site provides general information about your health. for more information and treatments please contact your doctor.
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