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Benefis of Rose Water

Generally, all the skin problems by protecting your skin to keep it beautiful, use of rose water. Rose water in your skin problems and is a natural medicine for you. Use of rose water is useful for not only your outer skin but also by improving your body's internal system gives you joy. To get rid of skin problems, skin to maintain the beauty of rose water can be used in the following cases.

If any part of your body is burning your skin irritation rose to finish is an excellent tips.

Rose water is used as cleansing for your skin.

Use of rose water is very beneficial after shaving. Rose water is filled wound. There is not visible scar.

Use of rose water is very beneficial for oily skin. It can control extra oily from your skin. Maintain the proper amount of moisture in the face.

Medicated Rose Patel

Fresh rose Patel---- ½ kg,
Water-1 ½
Turmeric- ½ tsp,
Tincture of benzoin-8 to 10 drops

Pour the rose Patel in 1 ½ litter of water and boil it, when water will boil then tincture of benzoin and turmeric pour and mix very well. Cook for 5 minute in slow flame then cool and keep in fridge. Keep in spray bottle and when required use it.

Rose Water Benefit for Hair and Face

In winter season hair shine and beauty of the face become faded. For shine of hair and face beauty prepares this drink.

one glass of milk, 1 tsp keora, 2 to 3 almond crushed , 5 to 6 pistachio crushed, 2 to 3 raisins, a small piece of sucrose sugar, 2 or 3 dry date, one pinch saffron, silver foil one piece and one tsp rose water . Mix all things together and boil it. Pour in a cup and drink. Drink daily in winter season your face will be glowing and hair will be shining.

Use of Rose Water in Summer

Rose water can be sprayed. Face can be clean and fresh from rose water. Usually go out in the summer face became black or reddish. So, to come back home, face thoroughly wash and the spray raised water on the face. Face will be glowing.

If skin is oily then some drop of lemon juice and a few quantity of honey mix with egg white, apply on face almost 10 minute and wash with cold water. It can control oily skin and get rid of acne.

Add rose water and lemon in pure glycerin. Apply on face and hands at night and wash in the morning. Use only one week your face will become glowing and clean.

Rose Water Benefits for Lips

Alum finely grinds and mixes the rose water daily to check up on the lips. Lips will be a sufficient number of thin in a few days.

Rose Water Benefits for Eyes

If th e eyes are itchy eyes take in the rose. As it rose water use in daily is very useful.

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Arq e Gulab Benefits in Hindi, Urdu


Aaj se 20-30 saal pehle hamare han ki khawateen apni chehre ki dil kashi ke liye qudrati ajza se bani huyi ashya istemaal karti thin jis ki wajah se in ki sehat o tndurusti aur husn o shadabi burhape mein bhi brqarar rahti thi. Qudrati ashya aur jari bootiyon ke istemaal se

benefit of rose water
in ka chehra saaf shafaf aur tar o taza rehta tha. Aisi khawateen husn o zebaish ke liye khasoosan jildi amraaz se bachne ke liye arq e gulab aur lemon ka ras istemaal karti thin. Bila shuba arq e gulab jild ke mukhtalif masail mein aap ke liye bator qudrati dawa ka darjah rakhta hai. Arq e gulab ka istemaal na sirf aap ki berooni jild ke liye mufeed hai balkeh yeh aap ke jism ke andarooni nizam ko behtar bana kar bhi aap ko farhut bakhshta hai.

Amooman saveing ke baad mard hzraat ke chehron par jo zakham bn jate hain, arq e gulab ka istemaal in ke liye be had mufeed hai. Arq e gulab ko tamam zakhmon aur ghao waghirah par lagane se zakham bhi bhar jata hai aur dagh bhi numayan nahi hota.

Phati Arion ka Ilaj

Baaz khawateen ki ariyan phat jati hain agar woh arq e gulab aur glycerin ka mixture lagayein to in ki yeh bimari khatam ho jaye gi. Arq e gulab ziatoon aur sehad ke sath mil kar jild aur medah ki hifazat kay mutadid amoor anjaam deta hai. Khasoosan sirf arq e gulab pine se qabz door ho jata hai aur yeh intestine ko jaraseem se paak o saaf karta hai.

Arq e Gulab for Eyes

Arq e gulab ka bottle sirf ½ ghante ke liye fridge mein rakhein aur phir aik cotton pad par laga kar apne aankhon ke uper rakhein. Yeh aap ki nazuk aankhon ko faida punchaye ga aur aankhon ki sujan ko kam kare ga.

Arq-e-Gulab for Skin

Multani mitti raat ko bhigo dein. Is mein 1tsp honey aur rose water mila kar chehre par lap karein. Yeh jild ki chiknahut khatam karta hai aur rung bhi nikharta hai.

Khalis glaysrin mein lemon ka ras aur arq gulab shamil karein. Raat ko achi tarah se chehre aur hathon par mal lein. Subah uth kar munh dho lein. Chand hafte ke istemaal se chehra ka rung saaf ho jaye ga.

Anda 1, shehad 1 tsp, zaitoon ka oil 1/2 tsp, rose water -chand qtre
Anda pheint kar is mein honey, zaitoon oil, arq e gulab dal kar achi tarah mix karein. Is paste ko apne chehre par 15 minute ke liye laga lein is ke baad chehre dho lein. Aap ki jild narm o mulaim ho jaye gi.

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