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Yogurt Benefits

Yogurt is very important in dairy products. On the impact of climate change is also effect on human food. Use of yogurt is increasing in summer season. Yogurt is very important as a food and medically. You can get in one cup of yogurt Iron 0.1 g, calcium 294 g, phosphorus 270 ml g, potassium 50 ml g, sodium 19 ml g. Yogurt is two time beneficial than milk. 250kg of yogurt nutritious is equal to 1/2 kg meat. Fat in yogurt is low but there is enough protein which strengthens the muscles and builds red blood cells. For those who take anti boutique medicine they should use yogurt daily routine. For old and children yogurt is the best food. Here is some benefit of yogurt.

It is easier to digest than milk.
The full amount of the vitamin is present.
This is the best way to get protein.
It puts you in control of your appetite.
It is helps to reduce weight.
It improves the immune system.
It is best for bone.
It helps to reduce blood pressure.
It will be increase you’re smiling.

This is useful in the digestive system. If you have chronic constipation than use yogurt, yogurt can away your chronic constipation. It also does away indigestion.

Yogurt is getting rid of the stress and tension. According to research that component of yogurt, affect the brain which are inconvenient and uncomfortable. Eating yogurt is also the judgment.

Yogurt can use as a facial mask. It can clean and moisturized of your skin.

The experts recommend the use of yogurt daily for cancer prevention.

Yogurt is also beneficial for hair. It help the hair soft, shining, smooth, dandruff free hair, strong the heir. If you want to shining hair mix henna and eggs with yogurt and apply on your scalp and wash out.

If you want to control on your dandruff then apply the mixture of yogurt and lemon on your scalp and leave it 20 minute then wash out.
Yogurt is also beneficial for your skin. Mix honey, carrot, lemon juice and banana with yogurt and make paste. This paste applies on your face leave it until dry. Wash with cold water. Repeat 2 or 3 days in a week.

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Yogurt Benefit for Hair in Urdu (Dahi ke Faide)

Baal ki jaron mein dahi aur besan ke paste lagayein yeh baal girne aur khushki ke masail ko rokta hai.

Dahi ke saath kali mirch ko mix karein, ise sar mein lagayein aur baalon ko achi tarah dho lein. Yeh baal ko soft karta hai aur dandruff ko rokta hai. Yeh mixture baalon ko mazboot karta hai aur baal girne se bachata hai.

Dahi sehat mand baal, reshmi baal, humwar baal aur khushki par qaboo pane ke liye behtareen ghiza hai.

Apne scalp par dahi ko lagayein aur 20 minute ke liye chor dein, is ke baad dho lein. Yeh baal ko shining farahum karta hai aur dandruff se nijat delata hai. Dahi reshmi baalon ke liye buhat se ghizayi ajzaa farahum karta hai.

Dahi aur methi powder ke paste apne scalp ke oper lagayein aur kuch der chor dein aur ise achi tarah dho lein. Yeh aap ke baalon ko shining karne ke liye behtareen hai.

Agar aap aapne baalon ko shining hair banana chahite hain to curd, henna aur eggs ke paste istemaal karein.

Khushki ke masle par qaboo pane ke liye aap dahi aur lemon ka paste istemaal kar skti hain. 20 minute ke liye scalp par laga kar chor dein iske baad baal dho lein kuch hi dinon mein aap ke baal shining ho jayein gay

Yogurt Benefit for Skin

Shehad, carrot, lemon juice, kele aur dahi ka paste banayein. Ise apne chehre par lagayein. Ise khushk hone tak face par laga chorein. Is ke baad ise thanday pani se dho lein. Is par baraf ke cube lagayein yeh amal hafte mein 3 din karein.

Dahi (yogurt) mein khamre hote hain. Dahi aik hirat angez cleaner ke tor par istemaal kia jata hai. Dahi chehre aur sar ki jild ko sehat mand rakhne mein madad deta hai. Dahi ko kuch der ke liye chehre par lagayein aur neem garam pani se saaf kar lein. Is se aap ki jild par se tamam mail kuchel saaf ho jaye gi aur aap ke rung saaf ho jayein gay. Dahi khaas tor par keel muhason aur dagh dahbbon se mutasrah jild ke liye munasib hai. Dahi chikni jild ke liye behtareen hai.

Another Uses of Yogurt

Tazah dahi antifungal hota hai aur ise sufaid dane ya chale paida karne wale marz thurus ke ilaj mein istemaal kia jata hai.

Dahi se colestrole ki satah kum karne mein madad li ja skti hai.
Dahi aanton mein sehat bakhsh jaraseem ki afzaish ki hoslah afzayi karta hai. Is se infection se bachao hota hai.
Dahi jism mein vitamin B ki paidawar barhane mein muawnut karta hai.
Dahi se intestine ko tehreek milti hai aur qbz ka khatmah hota hai.

Dahi sartani khalyaat ki afzaish rokta aur ise controle karta hai.
Dahi se hazmah behtar hota hai.

Agar kisi bimari ke ilaj mein antibiotic dawayein aap ke istemaal mein hain aur aap in ka corse mokammal kar rahe hain to is ke sath tazah dahi bhi khayein takeh in dawayon se aanton mein mojood sehat bakhsh jaraseem agar khatam hone lagein to in ki kami poori ho ske. Do se teen hafte tak rozanah dahi khana mamool bana lein.

Jism ke woh hisse jo phaphond se hone wali bimari (Thrnush) se mutasirah hain, wahan dahi lagayein. Ise Andarooni tor par bator haqnah(douche) bhi istemaal kia ja skta hai.

Dahi rozanah khane se amraz qalb se bhi bachat hoti hai.

Warning: This site provides general information about your health. for more information and treatments please contact your doctor.

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