Leo Love Horoscope in Urdu

Leos are generous, warmhearted, creative, enthusiastic, broad-minded, expansive, faithful and loving. On the dark side of Leos are pompous, patronizing, bossy, interfering, dogmatic and intolerant. They like speculative ventures, lavish living, pageantry, grandeur, children, drama while they dislike doing things safely, ordinary, day to day living and small minded people. Leo governs the upper back, forearms, wrist, spine and heart.

Leo cans succuse in these occupation, medicine, phychology, business, politice, advertising agency, film and press reporter etc. Leo good freiendship can be with its own star sign person. Other star sing person can be also good friend who are born in 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th date in any month. Leo suffer in pain in the back and lungs, sickness in ribs and sides, convulsions, spinal complaints, diseases of the heart and blood, pleasantries, violent burning fevers including, in former days, when they were prevalent, pestilence, jaundice, plague, and some afflictions of the eyes.

Leo (Asad) Romance:

Chun keh in kay mizaj mein gharur ka amal-o-dakhal ziadah hota hai is liye har baat mein mun mani kartay huye sar anjam detay hain aur yahi haal muhabbat-o-romance mein hota hai yahan bhi yeh janun aur shiddat ka muzahirah kartay hain , mard-o-khawateen donon hi na sirf bhar pur muhabbat chahtay hain balkeh in ki koshish hoti hai keh in ka mehbub in kay wajud aur amal ki taareef-o-toseef karta rahay, buhat si asad khawateen chaplosi ki wajah say noqsan bhi utha baithti hain. Mehbub kay liye zarurat say ziadah faiyazi ka sabut datay hain agar in mein amriyat na ho to umdah aur behtaraeen muhabbat karnay walay sabit hotay hain.

All About Leo

leo horoscope in urdu, leo in urdu

Nishan Burj-Lion
Ansar-Aag (Fire)
Mubarak Din-Sunday
Adad-e-Khas- 11-4-1
Mozu Naginah-Pnna, Laal aur Hira
Mawafiq Rung- Sunahra, Surkh aur dhani
Mufeed Dhat - Gold

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