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Method of Wazu

This method is pure ablution in the holy vessels with pure water in place. If space is high then it is good. If facing the Qibla and good. Do sleeve upper Up to the elbow. Saying Bismillah" (In the name of Allah). Wash both hands up to the wrist three times. Put a handful of water into your mouth and rinse it thoroughly three times. Clean your nose by sniffing water into it and extract the water you just sniffed repeat the step 3 times. Then wash your face three times from right ear to left ear and from forehead to throat.

Wash your right and left hand up to elbow three times. Touching gently finger and palm over your head from the top of forehead all the way to the back of the head and back. Do only one time. Pass the wet tips of your index fingers into the groves and holes of both ears and also pass the wet thumbs behind the ears (three times). At the end wash your feet to the ankles three times one by one first right and then left. Stand to Qibla direction and read the second kalima.
Kalmaye Shahadath:
Ash hadu An laa iIlaaha illallaahu Wahdahuu Laa Sharikalahuu Wa Ashhadu Anna Muhammadan Abduhu Wa Rasooluhu
This is the method of wazu.

Wazu ka Tareeqah

Wazu karne ka tareeqah yeh hai keh paak bartan mein paak pani le kar paak jagah par baitho unchi jagah hoto behtar hai takeh chitein na aayain qiblah ki taraf munh kar lo to aur acha hai aur aastenein kehniyon se oper tak chara lo phir bismillah parho aur teen bar gatton tak donon hath dho.

Phir teen martabah kulli karo aur maswak karo, maswak na ho to ungli se daant mal lo. Phir teen bar naak mein pani daal kar bayain hath se naak saaf karo. Naak mein pani dalne ka matlab yeh hai keh sans ke sath narm jagah tak pani le jayain. Phir teen martaba dho.

Munh par pani zor se na maro balkeh aahistah se peshani par pani daal kar dhoyo. Peshani ke baalon se thori ke niche tak aur idhar udhar donon kanon ki lo tak munh dho phir kehniyon samet donon hath dho. Pehle dahina hath teen bar dho. Phir bayan hath teen bar dho phir dono hath pani se tar kar ke yani bhigo kar sar ka masah karo.

Phir kanon ka masah karo phir garden ka masah karo. Masah sirf aik martabah karna chahiye. Phir teen teen martabah dono payon takhnon sameit dho pehle dahina payon, phir bayan payon dho.

NOTE: jab aap wazu me pair dhote hai to sirf bayen(left) hath istemal kare, sida(right) hath istemal na kare kyun ki woh makrooh hai

Sar ka masah is tarah karo keh dono hath pani se tar kar ke dayain hath aur bayein hath ki ungliyan barabar mila kar peshani ke baalon par rakh kar guddi tak le jayo. Phir guddi se dono hathon ki hathiliyon ko kanon ke paas se guzarte huye waapis peshani tak le aao. Is ke sath hi kanon ka masah is tarh karo keh kanon ke dono surakhon mein shahadat ki ungliyan dakhil karo aur anguthon se kanon ki pasht ka masah karo aur ungliyon ki pasht se garden ka masah karo.

Qibla rookh hoker kalmaye shahadath (kalima 2)Parho

Kalmaye Shahadath:Ash hadu An laa iIlaaha illallaahu Wahdahuu Laa
Sharikalahuu Wa Ashhadu Anna Muhammadan Abduhu Wa Rasooluhu

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