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One of the best known urdu poets of all times, Mirza Galib is a name that is synonymous with Urdu poetry. Mirza Ghalib was born in the city of Agra probebly on December 27th , 1996. When his father was died he was only 5 five years old. After the death of father his uncle looked after of him. Both his father and uncle died while he was still young and he spent a good part of his early boyhood with his mother’s family. His mother brought up her two sons on merge pension of Rs.750.00 annually. It was a very difficult time for the family. This of course, began a psychology of ambivalences for him.

Ghalib’s early education has always been a matter of confusion. There are no know records of his formal education, although it was known that his circle of friends in Delhi were some of the most intelligent minds of the time

In 1810 when Ghalib was only 13 years old he was married with “Umro begum” she was the doughter of Nawab Ilahi Baksh Khan. After six years he moved to Delhi. His wife gave to seven children, but unfortunately not one survived. He adopted a nepew he was also not alive.

It is imposible to say when Ghalib started writing poetry. Perhapes it was as early as his seventh of eight years. He started saying sher in Agra and in Delhi he devoted his full concentration to poetry. Not only urdu poetry but the prose is also indebled to mirza Ghalib. His letters gave foundation to the easy and popular in urdu.

In southe Asia he was considered to be one of the most popular and dominate poet of Urdu in past but he has equal popularity at present also. Stil to day Ghalib is popular between Urdu people not only in India and pakistan but also around the world. On february 15th 1869, this great poet breathed his last. You can find Ghalib poetry in urdu, shayari, ghazals, shayari collection, sms, in Urdu and Hindi.

ghlib poetry in urdu, sad poetry, sms, ghzal , in hindi

Mirza Ghalib Poetry In Urdu and Hindi

Phir tere koche ko jata hai kheyal
Dil-e ghum gushtah magar yaad aaya

Koyi weerani si weerani hai.
Dasht ko dekh k ghar yaad aaya

Main ne majno peh larakpan main Asad
Sangh uthaya tha keh sar yaad aaya.


Na tha to khoda tha na hota to khuda hota
Doboya mujhko hone ne na hota main to kia hota

hoa jab gham se yun behis to gham kia sar ke katne ka
na hota gar juda tan se to zanon par dhara hota

huyi muddat keh ghalib mar gia par yaad aata hai
woh har baat par kehna keh yun hota to kia hota


Ibn-e-mariym hua kare koi
Mere dukh ki dawa kare koi

Shura-o-ain par madaar sahi
Aise qatil ka kya kare koi

Chal jaise kadi kaman ka tir
Dil main aise k ja kare koi

Bat par wan zuban katti hai
Wo kahen aur suna kare koi

Bak raha hun junun main kya kya kuch
Kuch na samjhe Khuda kare koi

Na suno gar bura kahe koi
Na kaho gar bura kare koi

Rok lo gar galat chale koi
Bakhsh do gar khata kare koi

Kaun hai jo nahi hai hajatmand
Kiski hajat rawa kare koi

Kya kiya khijr ne sikandar se
Ab kise rahnuma kare koi

Jab tawaqqo hi uth gayi “Ghalib
Kyon kisi ka gila kare koi in Urdu.


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