Beef Roast

Following the recipes of Beef Roast. It is very delicious recipes. Try it at your kitchen, test you own and serve to your family and guest. You can find here beef roast, beef roast recipe in urdu, bhuna gosht recipe in urdu, pakistani bhuna gosht recipe. Learn zaiqa dar khana pakana Indian and Pakistani beef recipes. How to cook read in Urdu and Hindi.


beef roast recipes


Beef---2 kg piece, without fat
Soya sauce---2 tbsp
Ginger garlic paste---2 tbsp
White vinegar---1 cup
Salt- -- to taste
Lemon---6, for juice and garnishing
Yoghurt---1 kg
Oil---1/2 cup


Wash and clean the beef piece. Prick it all over with the help of a fork so that it absorbs the spices well.

Now mix all the ingredients with beef and prick it once more all over. Leave for marination for 1-2 hours.

Now add oil in a saucepan and add this beef piece and add enough water to make the piece sink in it. Now cover and cook on low heat till the piece tenderizes.

Add more water if necessary for the meat to tenderize. Take the piece out mix the ingredients once more on the beef piece and roast in a pan with oil till oil comes on the surface. Serve garnished.

Beef Roast Recipe in Urdu, Hindi


Beef (big piece)-2 kg
White vinegar-1/2 cup
Chop ginger-2 tbsp
Black pepper-crushed-1/2 tbsp
Salt- as test
Yogurt-2 cup
Oil-1/2 cup


First of all wash the meat and mix all spices very well, dig with the help of forks so that spices can goes inside. Keep them mixture of meat for two hour. Place the meat in a large pot and pour enough water to submerge the meat. Cover it and cook in slow flam. When the water began to dry then pour the oil. At least 3 to 4 hours it will take to complete. If cook in slow flam then it will be cook very well and delicious. Serve it with bun and naan. 


Pasli kay gosht ka tukra(Rib piece of meat) 1 kg

Hari piaz(green onion)4

Sufaid sirkah(white vinegar) 1 tbsp

Surkh sirkah (red vinegar)

Cooking oil 2 sp

Mukhan (Butter) ½ pao

Kali mirch (black pepper as usual) hasbay ziaqa


Fry pan mein oil tez garam kar lein. Garm oil mein Mukhan (Butter) ka chotha hissah( ¼ ) shamil kar lein aur phir is mein gosht ka tukra dal kar charon taraf say fry karein.

Ab aanch dhimi kar lein. Mukhan (Butter) jalnay ki fikar na karein.
Gosht achi tarah surkh ho jaye to namak dal dein aur 15 say 20 minute tak pakyein.

Jab gosht zara naram ho jaye to choolha band kar dein aur gosht kay is tukray ko 10 minute tak oven mein rakh dein.

Is doran mein hari piaz cheel kar bareek pes lein. Ab surkh Mukhan (Butter) taiyar karein.

Aanch dhimi rakhein aur fry pan mein pisi huyi piaz aur sufaid sirkah shamil kar kay thora sa pakayein aur phir is mein surkh sirkah dal dein aur aanch taiz kar lein.

Taqreeban panch minute kay baad in mein namak aur kali mirch shami kar dien aur chulha band kar kay aik minute tak aamezay khula rakehin.

Ab is aamezay mein Mukhan (Butter) phint kar shamil karein. Aamezah cream ki tarah ho jaye ga. Isay hum surkh Mukhan (Butter) kahein gay.

Gosht ka parchah 10, 15 minute baad oven say nikal lein aur surkh Mukhan (Butter) ka aamezah gosht kay parchay kay charon taraf lagayein aur rost kay tukray kaat lein.

Mukhan (Mukhan (Butter)) kay aamezay ki the itni moti honi chahiye keh dhayan mein gosht ka tukra ho. Lijye gosht rost surkh Mukhan (Butter) kay sath taiyar hai.

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