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Irani Kofte

Following the recipes of Irani Kofte which ingredients and cooking method is given bellow. It is very delicious recipes. Try it at your kitchen, test you own and serve to your family and guest. Learn irani kofta recipe, kofta recipe in urdu, kofta recipe in english, kofta recipe in hindi, beef kofta recipe in hindi.

Mince---1/2 kg, without fat
Ghee ---250gms
Almonds---- 125 gms
Kewra---3 tbsp
Zafran--- a little
Pistachios---125 gm
Onion---125 gm
Gram lentil---125 gm
Garam masala---2 tbsp
Red chilli powder ---1 tbsp
Salt /pepper---- as required
Yoghurt---1 /12 cups
Tomato---2-3, grind into a paste

Add mince, lentil and all the spices in a saucepan with water to boil till meat and daal tenderize and water evaporates.

Then grind into a fine mixture. Soak pistachios and almonds in water and slice thinly.

Fry raisins in ghee, chop onion thinly and fry in ghee till brown in colour. Add all these things in the mince micture.

Make kofte and fry after dipping first in beaten eggs then in breadcrumbs.

Prepare gravy by adding ghee in a pan and fry cardamoms, add yoghurt and tomato paste and salt, pepper and chilli powder and cook till oil separates.

Now add kofte in it and cook for a few minutes. Garnish and serve.

Irani Kofte Recipe in Urdu and Hindi


Aloo(potato) ----1/2 kg
GoshtMeat)-1 cup boil
Piaz (onion) -------2
Anday (eggs)-2
Besan-----2 spoons
Garam masalhe----1 tsp
Mirch(chilly)--------1 tsp
Namak (salt) ----hsbe zaiqa
Adrak (ginger) ---1 spoon
Anar dana---1 spoon
Khuskh dhanya------ 1 spoon
Podina(mint)--------1 spoon
Tail (oil) --1 cup
Dahi (yogurt ---1/2 cup


Gosht ke reshe kar lein aur boil potato ko pees lein. Piaz ko pees kar boil potato aur gosht mein shamil kar lein.

Besan mirch, namak, garam masalah, dahi, sabz dhanya, adrak aur pisa hua anar dana mila kar mix kar lein aur is aameze ko pees kar gol tikya taiyar kar lein.

Karahi mein tail garam kar ke tikyon ko anday ke aameze mein dubo kar tal lein.

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