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Chicken Karahi in Urdu and Hindi

Following the recipes of Chicken Karahi and Chicken Chilli Milli which ingredients and cooking method is given bellow. Learn zaiqa dar khana pakana, Indian and Pakistani Chicken recipes Chicken Karahi and Chicken Chilli Milli in Urdu and Hindi. You can find chicken karahi, chicken chilli milli, recipe in urdu, recipe in hindi, indian recipe in hindi, pakistani chiken recipe, recipe in urdu and Hindi


Bone lace chicken --------1 kg
Tomato ----------1/2 kg
Yogurt 150 gm
Ginger and garlic paste -------- 50 gm
Cooking oil ------------100 gm
Green chilly chop -----------10
Green chili ---------4/5
Red chili crushes 6 gm
Black pepper crush 5 gm
Cumin powder 3 gm
Cumin seed crush 3 gm
Coriander seed crush 3 gm
Ginger chop (very thin) ----2 tbsp

Heat oil in pan; insert a garlic ginger paste and chicken. Put a little salt and green chili cook until golden color.

Put tomatoes and yogurt leave for 10 minutes in light flame. Then put all things except coriander seed and cumin seed.

When oil began to surface then putting green chili, cumin seeds and coriander seed and leave one or two minutes. Garnish with coriander leaves and chop chili.

Chicken Chilli Milli

Bone lace chicken --------1/2 kg (you can take undercut beef)
Ginger /garlic paste------------ 1tbsp
Papaya paste ----1 tbsp
Red chilly chop ------------1 tsp
Salt as required
Mix these spice with chicken or beef leave for marinate.
Lemon juice --------4 tbsp
Tamarind pulp--------- 2 tbsp
Ketchup --------- 2 tbsp
Salt as required
Black pepper chop------1 tsp
Cumin grind------------ 1tsp
Coriander grinds ----------------2 tsp
Onion chop ------------ 2
Garlic paste----------1 tsp
Turmeric ---------1/2 tsp
Brown suger---------1 tbsp
Garam masala------1/2 tsp
Yogurt ---------1/2 cup
Cooking oil------------- ½ cup
Green chilly ------------10/12

Heat the oil in a pan. Add the onion and fry it. Then fry the marinate chicken. Add yogurt, ketchup, salt, black Pepper, cumin, coriander, brown sugar, garam masala, turmeric, Tamarind pulp and fried.

Fry the meat well. If the cow's meat then put the little water and cook. Chicken will be cook during fried.

After fried oil began to surface add green chili, ketchup and lemon juice leave for three or four minute in slow flame. Eat with boil rice and naan.

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