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Pasta Recipes in Urdu

Following the recipes of Chicken Pasta Salad Recipes which ingredients and cooking method is given bellow. You can read in this page chicken pasta salad in urdu, recipe of pasta salad in urdu, pakistani pasta salad recipes in urdu, pasta salad recipes in hindi, indian pasta salad recipes. Learn zaiqa dar khana pakana, Indian and Pakistani recipes Chicken Pasta Salad Recipes in Urdu and Hindi.

Classic Greek Salad


Romaine lettuce---1
Cucumber, halves lengthwise---1/2
Tomatoes ---4
Scallions ---8
Cup greek black olives ---1/3
Feta cheese---4 oz
White vinegar ----6 tbsp
Olive oil---1/2 cup
Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Tear the lettuce leave into pieces and place them in a large mixing bowl.

Slice the cucumber and add to the bowl. Slice the cucumber and add to the bowl.

Cut the tomatoes into wedges and put them into the bowl.

Slice the scallions. Add them to the bowl with the olives and toss well.

Cut the feta cheese into cubes and add to the salad.

Put the vinegar, olive oil and seasoning into a small bowl and whisk well.

Pour the dressing over the salad and toss to combine. Serve at once with olives and chunks of bread, if desired.

Chicken Pasta Salad in Urdu


Macaroni 2 cup
Chicken Brest 2
Apple 2-3
Pine apple ---------1 cup
Namak--------- hsbe zaiqa
Lehsan key jawe 2-3
Sufaid mirch pisi huyi -------- 1tsp
Chini --------1 tbs
Lemon juice-------- 2tbsp
Mayonnaise -------- 1 cup
Fresh ---------- ½ cup


Chicken Brest ko dho kar 15 minute key liye fridge mein rakh dein, phir is ki choti choti botyan kaat lein

In botyon ko lehsan key jawon key sath degchi mein daal kar halki aanch par dhak kar rakh dein aur itni der pakayein keh chicken ka apna pani khushk ho jaye aur gal jaye

Phalon key aik size key chokor tukre kaat lein.

Boil pani mein namak daal kar macaroni ko das se barah minute tak boil karein aur chalni se pani nikal kar in par thanda pani baha dein.

Phal macaroni aur chicken ki botyon ko achi tarah mila kar in mein lemon ka ras namak, sufaid mirch aur chini shamil kar lein.

Fresh cream ko pheint kar mayonnaise mein milayein aur mix phalon aur mayonnaise par daal kar achi tarah milayein.

Mayonnaise banana key liye

Eggs ki zardi, 2
Namak ¼ sp
Sufaid mirch pisi huyi ½ sp
Pisi huyi rayi ½ tsp
Sugar 1 sp
Vinegar ya lemon juice 2 tsp

Oil 1 cup

Mayonnaise banana key liye saaf khushk cup mein namak, sufaid mirch chini aur pisi huyi rayi ko ande ki zardiyon key sath halka sa pheint lein.

Mustaqil pheite huye thora thora kar key oil dalte jayein. Jab oil pora khatam ho jaye to aakhir mein vinegar daal kar itni der pheintein keh mixture achi taah garha ho jaye . kuch der fridge mein rakh dein.

Freezer mein rakh kar khoob achi tarh thanda kar key pesh karein.

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