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Hot and Sour Soup Recipe in Urdu &Hindi

Following the recipes of Hot and Sour Soup which ingredients and cooking method is given bellow. You can read in this page soup recipes in urdu, pakistani soup recipes in urdu, egg soup recipes in urdu, hot and sour soup recipes in hindi, creamy tomato soup recipe healthy, soup recipes in hindi. Learn zaiqa dar khana pakana, Indian and Pakistani Soup Recipes in Urdu and Hindi.


hot and sour soup in urdu

Chicken ke chote cubes --1 cup
Chicken ki yakhni-- 1 jug,
Oil-- 2 tbsp
Vinegar-- 1/2 cup
Corn flour-- 2 tbsp
Egg (Anday pheinte huye) --2
Sugar(Chini)--- 2 tsp
Salt hasb e zaiqa
Black pepper-- hasbe zaiqa
Ginger (Adrak lehsan) --1 tsp
Cabbage (Band gobhi slice) --1 cup
Carrot lambi slice-- 1/2 cup
Shimlah mirch --1/2 cup lambi slice
Chili sauce ---2 tbsp
Soya sauce--- 2 tbsp


Karahi mein tail garam kar ke is mein adrak lehsan daal kar fry kar lein.

Is mein gajar, gobhi, shimlah mirch daal kar 1 ½ minute pakayein.

Murghi ki botyan daal kar mazeed 1 ½ minute pakayein, sirkah, chini, chili sauce, soya sauce aur yakhni daal kar josh aane tak pakayein.

Namak aur black pepper daal kar corn flour pani mein mila kar daal dein aur phir is mein pheinte anday daal kar aanch se hatalein aur garam hot and sour soup serve karein.

Beef Pasta Soup in Hindi


Beef--1/2 boil and cut small pices
Beef ki yakhni--4 cup
Boil noodles --300 gm
Carrot, pea, potato, cauliflower, pumpkin--2 cup
Soya sauce--2 tbsp
Vaster sauce--2tbsp
Hot sauce--2 tbsp
Brown sugar--1 tbsp
Black pepper powder--1 tsp
Namak--hasbe zaiqa
Oil--2 tbsp
Hari piyaz--sajawat ke liye


Degchi mein beef ki yakhni aur gosht daal kar ubaal lein. Is mein noodles aur sbziyon ke elawah baqi tamam ajza mila kar ubaal aane tak pakayein.

Is mein sbziyan shamil kar ke do minut tak pakayein, phir chulha band kar dein. Soup ki dish mein noodles bichayein, phir is ke oper soup dalein aur hari piaz se saja kar pesh karein.

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