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Potato Skin Delight

Following the recipes of Arab Biryani and Potato Skin Delight which ingredients and cooking methods are given bellow. It is very delicious recipes. Try it at your kitchen, test you own and serve to your family and guest. Learn zaiqa dar khana pakana Indian and Pakistani Biryani recipes, arabic biryani recipe in urdu, chicken biryani recipe in hindi. How to cook read in Urdu and Hindi.


Potatoes--------- ½ kg, skin only
Basmati rice--------- ½ kg, soaked in water for 10 minutes
Salt-------- – per taste
Turmeric powder------------ 1 tsp
Red chillies------ 4, whole
Green chillies - ---5 only
Fennel----- 1 tsp, crushed
Onion------ 2 finely cut
Ginger/ garlic paste------ 1 tbsp
Red chilli powder------ 1 tbsp
Lemon----- 3, for juice
Green coriander----- 1 bunch, thinly cut, for garnishing
Black cardamoms-----2
Black cumin----- ½ tsp
Oil----- 1 cup
Garam masala----- 1 tbsp


In a pan, heat oil and fry onions until golden brown. Absorb oil of the onions by placing on a kitchen paper towel, it will become crisp.

In the same pan, stir-fry fennel, garlic, ginger, garam masala, turmeric, red chillies and chilli powder for a few minutes, then add water and black cardamoms and cumin let the mixture boil.

At boiling point, in this pan, add rice and salt and lemon juice. Cover it with a lid and lower the heat, cook until rice is done. Deep fry potato skin with salt and green chillies.

In a serving dish, place cooked rice topped with potato skin and onion (fried and crushed). garnish and serve.

Arab Biryani in Urdu


Chawal----------- (1 kg)
Gosht ---2 kg (bare tukre boil kar lein)
Chane ki daal--- 1 pao
ghee--- ½ kg
tmatar--- 1 ½ kg
piaz--- 1 kg (kutar lein)
aalo--- ½ kg( qatle kar lein)
lehsan----- 2 gatthi(koot lein)
dar chini----3
adrak----- 2 tsp (pisa hua)
Red chili powder---- 2 tsp
Haldi---- 2 tsp
namak---- hasbe zaiqah
khusk lemon--- 6
kishmish----- 3 tsp


Gosht mein aadha namak, haldi aur lemon daal kar itne pani mein chraiye keh gal bhi jaye aur chawal pakane ke liye yakhni bhi bache.

Gosht 15 minute mein boil ho jaye to lemon ke tukre nikal lein.

Gosht gal jaye to halka sa oil lein aur aik pao hissah kuchal kar reshe reshe kar lein.

Ghee mein piaz brown kar ke sara kata hua aur pisa hua masalah daalkar bhoon lein aur ½ hisssah nikal kar gosht ke bare tukron mein mila lein.

Baqi masalhe mein chawal, daal, kuchla hua gosht, tamatar, aalo aur yakhni daal kar dhimi aanch par pakiye.

Chawal gal jayein to dry fruit shamil kar ke gosht ke bare tukre oper se jamakar 10-15 minute dam de lijye dish mein salad ke patte bicha kar sade chawal dalye aur gosht ke tukre oper jama kar pesh kijye.

Khane ke baad qehwah pesh kia jaye to maza dobala ho jata hai.

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