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Pudding Recipe

Following the recipes of Kishmish ki Pudding which ingredients and cooking method is given bellow. Learn zaiqa dar khana pakana, Indian and Pakistani sweet recipes Kishmish ki Pudding in Urdu and Hindi.

Vanilla Pudding


Milk ---1 kg
Eggs--4 bread slices--4
Sugar--- as required
Vanilla essence---a few drops


Separate egg whites and yolks and heat thoroughly. Boil milk and cut add in the milk.

Now add sugar and yolks. Cover the lid so that air does not pass and place the saucepan over coals. Place a few burning coals on top of the lid as well and cook the mixture on low flame.

After 15-20 minutes remove the lid to check out if there is a brownish red layer on top of the pudding (an indication that it is cooking in the right manner).

Now place the lids and coals back on top. Make sure it is on low flame to avoid getting it burned.

Cook for 5-10 minutes more and remove from flame when it is golden brown from top.

Garnish and serve. If prepared in oven, it takes just 10 minutes to cook.

Kishmish ki Pudding


Anday (eggs) ---3

Dhoodh (milk)--- 1 kg

Chini(sugar)--- teen chatak

Khoya--- ½ pao

Jaye phal---- 1 masha

Aceence hasbay zaiqa

Kishmish--- ½ chatak


Egg white ko itna pheintein keh jhag aadh ghantay tak na baithay.

Ab is mein chini daal kar pheinti jaye. Danah mar jaye aur chini aur sufaidi yakjan ho jaye.

Zardi ko pehlay alahida pheintein. Phir zardi aur egg white mila kar phintein. Is kay baad is mein khoya daal kar khoob pheintein.

Doodh mein kishmish daal kar itna pakayein keh aadh kg rah jaye.

Ab thora thora doodh daal kar anday, khoye aur chini kay maday ko pheinta jaye.

Hatta keh sab kuch yakjan ho jaye. Is tayar shudah maday ko sanchay mein daal dia jaye. Phir jaye phal kutar kar daal di jaye aur pudding kay sanchay ko dhak dia jaye.

Aik khulay munh ki patili mein nisf (half) pani dalye is mein pudding ka sancha rakh kar bhari dhaknay say dhak dijye.

Pudding jam jaye to utar lijye. (sanchay ko oven mein bhi rakha ja sakta hai.) Pudding thandi honay kay baad dish mein nikal lijye aur kino kay qatlay saja dijye.

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