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Abbreviations Starting With M
M.A Master of Arts.
Maj Major.
Max Maximum.
M.B Bachelor of Medicine.
M.B.A Master of Business Administration.
M.B.B.S Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.
M.B.E Master of Business Education.
Mc Million cycles, or megacycle. Master of Commerce.
M.C.C Marylebone Cricket Club.
M.C.L Metropolitan Corporation Lahore.
M.C.Q Multiple Choice Questions.
M.D Medicine Doctor: Doctor of Medicine; Mentally Deficient.
M.D.S Master in Dental Surgery.
M.E Municipal Engineer, Middle English.
M.Ed Master of Education.
Mega One million times.
M.E.D.O Middle East Defence Organization.
Mem.Memo Memorandum, Memento; Remember.
M.E.N.A Middle East News Agency.
M.E.S Military Engineering Service.
Mev Mega-electron volt(s).
M.F.N Most Favoured Nation.
mg Milligram(s).
M.H.D Magneto hydro dynamic.
M.G Machine Gun.
M.G.O.S Master-General of Ordnance Supply.
micro One millionth part.
Mike Microphone.
M.I Military Intelligence.
min Minimum.
MIRV Multiple independent re-entry vehicles.
M.K.S.A Meter-kilogram-second-ampere system.
M.Lit Master of Literature.
M.L.R Minimum Lending Rate; Martial Law Regulation(s).
mm Millimeter (s).
M-me Madame.
m.m.f Magneto motive force.
M.N Merchant Navy.
M.N.A Member of National Assembly.
M.O Money Order; Medical Officer; Mass Observation.
M.O.H Medical Officer of Health.
M.O.U Memorandum of Understanding.
m.p Melting point.
M.P Military Police; (U.S) Municipal Police; Metropolitan Police.
M.Phil Master of Philosophy.
M.P.A Member of provincial Assembly
M.P.H Miles per Hour.
M.P.O Machinery Pool Organization (WAPDA).
M.Q.M Mutahidda Qaumi Movement.
Mr. Mister
Mrs. Mistress.
m.s Month (after) sight.
M.S Master of Surgery.
M/s Messrs.
MS.MSs Manuscript; Manuscripts.
M.Sc Master of Science.
M.T Mechanical Transport.
Mt Mountain.
M.T.B Motor Torpedoc Boat.
M.T.C Mechanical Transport Corps.
MV Million volts or megavolt.
M.W Million Watts; mega watt.
M.W.N Muslim World News (Agency).
M.Y.O Muslim Youth Organization.
Beauty and Fashion
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Health Care
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Milli Naghmay
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