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Abbreviations Starting With Q&R
Q.A.U Quaid-e-Azam University(Islamabad)
Quot Quotation.
Q.D.A Quetta Development Authority.
Q.E.D Quod Erat Demonstrandum; (Which was required to be proved).
Q.M.A Qaumi Mahz-i-azadi(a political party)
Q.M.G Quartermaster-General
Q.M.S Quartermaster-Sergeant.
R.A Rear-Admiral; Accountant, Royal Artillery.
Radar Radio, Angle, Direction And Range (to determine an object).
R.A.F.O Reserve of Air Force Officers
Rear Adm Rear-Admiral
R.C Red Cross; Red Crescent; Roman Catholic.
R.C.D Regional Co-operation for Development.
RCD Roti corporation of Pakistan.
RCS Red Crescent Society.
RDC Resource Development Corporation.
RDFC Regional Development Finance Corporation
R.E Resident Engineer.
REB Regional Electricity Board.
RECP Rice Export Corporation of Pakistan
Regd Registered
Regt Regiment
Rep Representative; Republican.
Retd Retired
RGA Radio and General Appliances Factory.
RI Rigorous Imprisonment.
R.I.P Requiesat in peace: May (he or she) rest in peace.
RISEAP Regional Islamic Organisation of South East Asia and the Pacific.
Rly Railway.
Rice Milling Corporation of Pakistan
r.m.s Round mean square.
RMR Raw Material Replenishment.
R.N.A Ribonucleic acid.
RO Recruiting Officer; Revenue Officer.
ROK Republic of Korea (South Korea).
ROM Read-only Memory
R.S.S Rashterya Savak Sangh.
R.P.P.I Regional Plant Protection Institute.
RTA Regional Transport Authority.
R.T.O Road or Railway Transport Officer.
R.T.R Remittance Transfer Receipt.
R.U Rugby Union.
R.V Revised Version.
R.W.P Rural Works Programme.
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