Desi Totkay for Hair

Here are ways to prepare homes conditioner. For normal hair, take egg white and egg yolk in a bowl, take 2 sp olive oil and 1sp vinegar and mix them. Leave the conditioner in your hair and wash your hair with shampoo. Be sure to use conditioner once a month.

Egg white or lemon juice is very useful for silky hair. It took 5 minutes to let your hair then wash with shampoo and water.

For dry hair, add egg yolk with 1 sp olive oil. Now these eggs mix thoroughly and use your head. Use it to wet hair and massage 5 minutes with your fingers. Then wash it with shampoo and water. The conditioner should be used only once a week. If you do not like the yolk then use yogurt.

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Homemade Conditioner for Hair in Urdu, Hindi

Normal Hair

Aam balon key liye aik bartan mein teen andon ki sufaidi aur zardi jama karein. Is mein do 2 tsp zaitoon ka tail (olive oil) shamil karein aur aik chamchah sirkah milayein.

Aap key liye la jawab conditioner taiyar hai.

Ab is conditioner ko apne balon mein laga kar chor dein. Is key baad shampoo se baal dho dalein. Is conditionaer ka istemaal mahine mein aik bar zaroor karein.

Silky Hair

Agar aap key baal silky hain to kisi bartan mein lemon nichor kar is ka arq jama karein aur is mein aik chamcha sirkah milalein. Bas aap key chikne balon key liye lajawab conditioner taiyar hai.

Ab balon ko shampoo karein aur jab aap key baal gile hon to yeh conditioner poore balon par istemaal kar lein. Is key baad fingers ki madad se sar mein khoob malish karein kam az kam panch minute tak. Is key baad tazah pani se sar ko dho dalein. Is conditioner ka istemaal hafte mein aik bar zaroor karne chahiye.

Chikne balon key liye sirf ande ki sufaidi ya lemon ka arq bhi buhat mufeed hai. Isi tarah panch minute tak gile balon mein laga kar fingers se malish karti rehein. Phir tazah pani se sar ko dho dalein.

Dry Hair

Ande ki zardi mein aik chamcha zaitoon ka tail shamil kar lein. Is key baad in donon ko khob achi tarah mila kar apne sar par istemaal karein. Is ko bhi apne gile balon par lagayein aur pach minute tak fingers ki madad se masaj karti rahein. Is key baad shampoo aur pani key zariye balon ko dho dalein. Is conditioners ka istemaal hafte mein sirf aik bar karna chahie. Agar aap ko balon mein ande ki zardi lagana pasand nahi hai to is ki jagah dahi istemaal kar sakti hain lekin dahi lagane key baad balon ko kam az kam do ghante key liye isi tarah rehne dein.