Desert-General Knowledge About Deserts

A desert is a region with an annual rainfall of less then 25 cm or 10 and sparse vegetation. Deserts occur in extremely hot or extremely cold conditions. Hot deserts have high evaporation rates for the small amount of moisture present e.g. Sahara in Africa or Thar Desert in India. Cold deserts are found in parts of Antarctica. specialized. Both these deserts are unsuitable for life. They support only specialized vegetation which is not generally typical of the vegetation in other regions at the same latitude. The third type of deserts is known as edaphic deserts. They have an annual rainfall of more than 25cm or 10” bug have such a permeable surface that water runs through from to quickly to sustain plan life. Such deserts form on volcanic islands e.g. in parts of Iceland and in the Colorado plateau of the western part of the USA.


Largest Deserts in The World

Area in sq.miles
Sahara North Africa 3500000
Libyan North Africa 450000
Australian Australia 1,371,000
Great Victoria Australia 150000
Syrian Syria/Arabia 100000
Arabian Arabia 70000
Gobi Mongolia 500000
Rub'al Khaii Arabia 250000
Kalahari Botswana 225000
Great Sandy Australia 150000
Takla Makan China 140000
Arunta Australia  
Kara Kum S.W Turkistan (USSR) 120000
Nubian North Africa 100000
Thar India/Pakistan 100000
Kizil Kum Central Turkistan 100000
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